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This was the second film I've seen with this theme, and perhaps my review is a bit biased because I saw the other one first. After the brilliant film Me vs Googleplex came up with last year, my high expectations probably put them at a disadvantage in terms of my review. The film was, as usual, beautifully shot, well graded and had some fantastic acting, but there were some plot elements which I didn't think gelled together quite well enough. For example, I found it a bit strange that the main character, upon becoming a woman, decided (after a brief squeeze of her breasts) that she wanted to eat copious amounts of food. I didn't understand why that was important, especially considering that the male character she swapped with was relatively thin himself, the sudden urge to binge eat seemed a bit strange and was never quite explained. I think I also missed the motivation for the switch in the first place. Surely there are easier and better ways to take a break from your life than to switch bodies with someone in order to be stuck inside a house in front of a TV with a list of food you can't eat and things you can't do. That said, the lead actress did a brilliant job of appearing unused to her body, and she really had a sense for her limbs and how to look awkward that sold the body switch quite nicely. The ending took a very serious note and was very gory, but again, I'm really not sure whether to like or hate it. I'm still very undecided about this film, I definitely didn't like it as much as last year's entry, but standing on its own, it was at the very least a solid film.

me like. really cool. didnt get why she/he was stuffing her/his face. but me like.

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