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Hard Red Nights

by Bang on Bob 76,484 views


Default Avatar WhiteKong

loved the mask haha. but went away from this film being confused.. lol :)

I get the whole role reversal thing and I do think it translated quite well, but did feel like I had seen it before. What stood out for me the most was the girl playing the maniac part, I was actually scared of her, her eyes kinda freaked me out. Nice work.

Default Avatar Kahmari

what was this even about i was so confused lol :)

I liked the tone of this film, you could tell it was an erotic thriller straight off the bat. Perfect setting and colour scheme. The creepiness/weirdness reminded me of a David Lynch film. That is also the films downfall though, as it didn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. But apart from that it was a well made, stylish film.

This was effectively discomforting, though a little hard to follow. The lead actress was awesome though!

Default Avatar Vladimir Romanov

I was more scared than thrilled by this leading character woman and I hope I never end up in a similar situation especially because body swapping is a frightening concept and I find bars are often very overpriced! I would have ranked this film higher if the lead actress had not kicked me on the way out!

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