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by Dave Studios

Phoney - An Online Help Wizard


Ha, very enjoyable to watch. Good use of the elements, and oh what we can do with what little we have when we really need to. I bet that all took a lot of effort for the small amount of film you guys gave us here, so well done. Love the blooper reel too

An ambitious effort this. I think the initial set-up was good and everything looked great but I wasn't really feeling the building tension as much as I should have. Some of this I think had to do with the audio balance being a little mixed so the phone call, for example, was a bit hard to hear or the music in places drowned out the dialogue. Still, I like the arc of the situation and enjoyed the well-timed touches of humour.

This was funny, I liked it.

Great concept mired by some technical issues. Script was funny as.

As a solo effort (I'm guessing) hat off to you for biting the chunk you did. Well done on bringing it all together the way you did. I couldn't have smashed anything near this quality on my own. Well done.

Review? :o)

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