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Warlock Blues

Get in Behind


I dunnit

That's a pretty good premise right there. Loved the upside down transition, it played into the twist in a way. Well done on the effort to put in the "extras". The story could have been told without them but good on you for going that little bit further

Paper, Scissors, Rock

ha, that was great! Boy there was a lot of work in there. All those shots, cutting it together, and making it a coherent 3min film. The gags were in the right place it seemed and great effects. Good on you guys.

And Then There Were Crumbs

Yes! Well done. Flowed very well and the cutting through the dialogue followed too. Cool little story.

Under Control

Not bad at all. Overall it made sense and rolled along well. I'm guessing you guys had some old footage you threw in there. Good use with the story line. I kinda missed the point of the creepy guy at the table at the end. Good acting from you guys

Miracle Cure

Don't speak to strange robots in the forest! Obviously you guys ran over the time limit and did well getting in the cinematic context to portray your story. I bet the family had fun anyway. Did I miss the mum leaving to get some meds, because I found myself confused when she rushed back and the girls had already saved dad. Boy you guys have some real up and coming stars there for future 48's.


I got it but didn't quite get it! Very likely due to my own ignorance so ignore my comments anyway. I was smiling more than I should have been scared I think because it actually shot well. Yep, she was human, or a doll, and jealous?. Spooky enough tones and reveal of the live doll. Great thunderbird like movements of the "actors" well done.


Ha, very enjoyable to watch. Good use of the elements, and oh what we can do with what little we have when we really need to. I bet that all took a lot of effort for the small amount of film you guys gave us here, so well done. Love the blooper reel too

Whoosh Wizard

This totally reminded me of the Brady Bunch TV intro. I didn't care about the dialogue after a while because I enjoyed watching the interaction between screens. Not sure if that was a blooper reel towards the end but I just about stopped there and nearly missed the ending. Good work Mouthful!

Strawberry Fears Forever

Nice! I'm sure some of those stop motion animators out there will have something to say, but this is what I would do because I have no clue how to do the other, so well done. Reminded me of "land of the giants" (currently on Jones TV). I was waiting for some dialogue, then I remembered. I've never actually heard a strawberry talk anyway! Stoned strawberry's? who knew?

The Switch

straightforward and to the point. Good use of the cat prop thingy and other special effects. Urban fantasy? Easy or hard genre? good interpretation, and keeping it simple is the key I think. Well done.


Well that was different. What a cool concept. Great 1 man job I presuming?

Damn good use of the set and getting yourself in correct perspective and height etc. I noticed you were reading the speech bubbles of the other "actors" very cool.

Could have tweaked your audio for your dialogue a bit. I got it but had to strain a bit. You've certainly put a different spin on the running man too, crack up. Well done!