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Turn Around - Sweet Cheeks

by Get In Behind


Really enjoyed the girls performance in this - well done girls.

I wanted to know why some of these characters were chilling in the dark (e.g. why were they just chilling in the kitchen having a conversation in the dark?) - a bit more thought into the story would have solved this - perhaps there was a blackout or something, something small would have cleared it up.

I felt the adult connection was weird/dodgy lol - and was confused who was the main star of the film.
The connection between the young people was awesome. The 'fuck' line, the 'Eminem' top - classic lol

Regardless, I felt the story flowed well - job well done!

Whilst young girls just want to have fun, so does their old man who is a boozer and also looking for love. However this is also a questionable dad with a history for vomiting all over the carpet and so some awkward humour ensues when he tries to make his move on a woman he has his eye on.

The performances of the girls was good, with some solid dialogue and actions showing how they are mature beyond their years and perhaps it is the dad who has some growing up to do.

Props for taking on Ultra, but I felt like this needed to be incorporated as a plot device more given you chose a suburban home for the location. By just having so much shot in the dark without justification it made a lot of the film grainy, out of focus and distracting. I do like how it was worked in a bit by making evening pickups of the kids though.

My personal take on the script was that the jokes were not my personal cup of tea, but that I could understand how others might find it funny. I just felt like the dad was a bit inappropriate to be hitting on the woman right in front of his kids, but that was probably a deliberate part of the script, and if I've felt how I'm meant to about the dodgy-ish guy then well done.

From a story point of view, the skeletal structure of your story arc was there, but the edit did distract due to unclear timelines and what I felt were sudden shifts in character behaviour. I also found sound fluctuated a decent amount with some peaks so that was a little distracting.

Also it might just be me, but for a romcom I simply need to see romance. Not just someone trying for romance and failing. It's an absolute deal breaker in my book as to whether the film has succeeded at its genre or not.

You've already apologised for the loony bin/mental health joke in your end credits so I'll leave that one alone. Thanks for the apology.

Story: 1.5/5
Technical: 1.5/5
Elements: 1.5/5
Overall: 1/5 (I know this doesn't add up; genre failure overrides everything in my book for overall grades)

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