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48HOURS Entries, 2021

National Winner

Good Girl

Traces of Nut

City Winner

Unfinished Symphony

Awkward Animations

City Winner



City Winner

The Dying Art of Cat Burglary


National Finalist


Mitchell's Here

National Finalist

The Last Lord of Scotland

Dystography Studios

National Finalist

Loot & Blunder

I Love Loops

National Finalist

We built and destroyed a full sized cardboard u-boat specifically and only for this competition. also known as “DAS BANANA-BOOT”

Qualified Tim

National Finalist

A Matter of Time

Apple Fork

National Finalist


Underwater Dreams

National Finalist

Pre-emptive Defense

Couch Kumara

National Finalist

In Deep

The Creamery

National Finalist


Snack To The Future

National Finalist


Tasteful Sideboob

National Finalist

We built and destroyed a full sized B17 bomber specifically and only for this competition. Also known as "Banana Boys"

Disqualified Tim

Peter Jackson Wildcard

Shit Chat


Peter Jackson Wildcard


Cyan Sea

Peter Jackson Wildcard

Rekindled Spirits

Pastafarian Productions

Recent reviews

Because these reviews will (hopefully) last in the years to come, I'm going to note how absolutely insane it was that Tim Hamilton's team entered not just once on the first weekend in Wellington, but again on the second weekend where all teams who entered were placed in the Tamaki Makaurau region of the competition.
So yes this says they qualified for the Grand Final from the 09 region, but they very much shot using the same skeletal set down in the 04 that they had spent weeks on prior to making "We built and destroyed a full sized cardboard u-boat specifically and only for this competition. also known as “DAS BANANA-BOOT”. Even more incredibly, that film and this film are directly connected, taking place effectively during the same war. Just a staggering achievement, production wise.

For me, I honestly felt the film played as chaotic, for lack of a better word, on first watch. But I've come to realise that was an extremely harsh way to describe the film, because it is more a case of so much going on that a lot of it went over my head and I picked up a lot of the nuances on repeat viewings.

And also, chaotic kind of fits, in a good way, because war is chaos, and this film is about dealing with a plane being under attack from enemy fire and how the team rises to the occassion. Not just being under attack, but given it is a first flight for the crew the element of uncertainty about to what to do is presented very well. Perhaps a bit casually, but what that did was create a heightened sense of comedy as planes blew up and heads were exploded.

On that note this film had some of the best sound design I've ever come across in this competition. From the incredible folley used to genuinely sell the idea that the team were up in the air in a B17 bomber, through to the guns and splats everything just sounded right. I loved the last minute of musical score used in the film, letting things wrap up with a melancholy feeling, but also thought it was the right move letting everything play out using just the sounds of the battle for the first 3 and a half minutes, as it stressed the real time real urgency of the situation.

I must say I do still have some thoughts about the buddy film genre. Yes I got a big smile from the winks and nods to 4th wall breaking - "it's a genre thing", and we had two clear leads who developed a sense of camaraderie as the film progressed. But was that enough to have really nailed it? I personally am unsure. But still a staggering achievement.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 5/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

One of the best things about this is how insanely brave the form is and yet it's also technically masterful.

Deserves every Nickelodeon award it can get - a favourite of mine this year!

Well, this was quite well made, interesting and a little twisted.
However, for anyone with a fondness for their canine friend this film may have taken things a bit too far. Exploding dogs are definitely not laugh-out-loud comedic drama even for cat lovers. However they give effect to the story and obviously the genre.
Looking past the canine massacre before me, I was becoming even more disturbed by the obvious use of a copycat plot device. I went back and watched Peptok (Grand National Winner) from 2018 to confirm that indeed the same plot device of the self help woman's voice in the earbuds of the protagonist is being used in the 2021 Grand Nation Winning film... hmmm.... I recall the word "originality" being important part of this competition.
Following on with the film which so far had served up only a shock effect, I was then caught off guard by the sudden switch in narrative voice to the Dog! Who's talking? Wheres that voice coming from? Oh it's the dog giving a monologue that makes little sense about some military association... hmmm that was a thin line to draw from the writers and throws the audience out of the story. Ah but its a splatter film you might say... yes but it's still a film and all films in this competition need to be original and have strong narrative structure.
The ending came as no surprise. Most of everyone has guessed it unless they have left the room already.
So this is it. Our Winning film? I saw some awesome films in this competition and while this is finalist material, I certainly would not have picked it as the winner. 3/5 from me.

klilmk xJ2-ZTt-Dt2-tEM