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by Snack To The Future


For me, the idea of a buddy film being sold where one of the parties involved happens to be inanimate is a very hard sell, but Snack to the Future came very close to pulling off a masterpiece. If anyone could pull off a blow up sex doll causing a rift in a seemingly happy relationship, it was going to be them.

What I particularly enjoyed was how the team elevated the idea of the domestic, suburban mundane nature of life and turned it on its head. Where an anniversary should be an occassion to be celebrated, coming in at just the wrong moment gets some deep rooted issues to come up.

I really think the team were onto something here, in that whilst our lady pumped full of air and designed for private use is ridiculous as a story driver, it seemed they were exploring the concept that everyone should be allowed their kinks and as long as you communicate then that is the key for a happy marriage, which is a really healthy refreshing approach to see! But I felt that was kind of surface level, and instead we got introspection and realisation that self gratification was what was missing for our leading lady, leading to a classic case of shoe being on the other foot and a complete rift in the dynamic.

Snack to the Future again showed a really steady hand behind the camera here, allowing the film to breath both figuratively and literally, as our curiousity immediately was piqued due to breathing sounds whilst lounge music played before they went for the strange grandular doll reveal.

Technically, it's a really strong film, with really strong performanes and an engaging plot. But I personally think that whilst it was so close to nailing the buddy genre it just missed the mark, for me, too much in my book. To me the key for genre subversion is a question of would I think of the genre as the way to describe the film? And honestly, no I wouldn't. But I get that a lot of judges saw it differently.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

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