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Unfinished Symphony

by Awkward Animations

This is a placeholder for my stop motion film telling the story of a stop motion artist being constantly distracted by his mobile phone and never finishing his work till he smashes his phone and completes his work... bring to life junk and old toys to bring a mini orchestra to life


Holy moly an actual...documentary in 48 Hours? About the creative process of stop animation with some tender resonating moments of artistic self-reflection? Yeah this was a simple story but one told bloody well with some seriously impressive animation.

Based at our artist's work bench, he let us know how what he does presents endless possibilities as everything around us can have a heartbeat if you take the time to breathe one into it. The therapeutic nature of bringing inanimate objects to life was particularly resonating.

This was a really sweet film and whilst brief it had moments of genius. I thought it just looked incredibly cool to have the animated 'musicians' playing whilst cleverly giving the impression that the hand was moving at normal speed. It gave me a "hold on just a second..." moment when I stopped to think about how much attention to detail you needed to take to pull that off.

The acknowledgement of how animation is an age-old artform and a way of connecting with history and moving away from the distractions of modern technology was also heartwarming. Overall a very memorable film and for going actual documentary and letting us into your world, I salute you.

The minor drop in marks are because of personally thinking the required character element wasn't a real home run, but the rest of the film was stellar.

Story: 4/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

I loved this and was stoked to see it win the Auckland Final. It's simple, sweet and moving. A part of me feels like there could've been more to it (for example, some character development), but as a slice of life, reflective style film, it was great.


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