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Somebody Someone Filmchick1987

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Courting Assistance Technology And Matchmaking Expert

Nice work. I enjoyed how you gradually revealed the true identity of the "love of her life" and how disturbing each suitor felt until then. It gave me a giggle.

What would have improved it is more dynamic performances (other than sitting down the whole time) and giving more of an urgency or purpose to her finding "the one". Either that, or 2 mins shorter to get to the punch line quicker. :)


Unfinished Symphony

I loved this and was stoked to see it win the Auckland Final. It's simple, sweet and moving. A part of me feels like there could've been more to it (for example, some character development), but as a slice of life, reflective style film, it was great.



Really happy to have read the comments here, as I honestly struggled to understand this film. Now some light has been shed, so I can enjoy my second watch at the Grand Final :)
However, I really enjoyed how absorbing and creative this was the first time round. Not your stereotypical horror, but disturbing none the less.
Well done!