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Courting Assistance Technology And Matchmaking Expert

by Wolf Pack

Rachel is no ordinary girl. She's after a specific type. If only she had the technology to know what they're all really thinking...


A non-linear framework of interviewing for a very personal position is actually a smart move for a 48 Hours film, especially when you use it to really get under the skin of the protagonist and what makes her tick, essentially creating a strong sense of depth to the character. It takes a metric ton of skill from your scripwriting department, but I must admit I was thoroughly engaged by this short.

The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were expertly put together as our interviewees detailed their backgrounds as couch surfers or coming from old money with just the right touch of hints thrown at viewers for the shape of things to come.

The sonic soundscape was really well done as was the edit. In years past this is the sort of quality film that would have probably made finals. But there's 2 moderate issues that I could see that prevented is standing out from the pack. First, location was very plain with minimal set dressing. It really does matter these days, and secondly basically the whole film is people sitting down and talking to each other. As dynamic and colour as characters and outfits may be, it does hold a film back when it comes down to judging.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 3.5/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

Loved the setting, use of colours and lighting, music complimented the mood, shots and editing were clean - well done team!
Not gonna lie, I was getting bored as the conversations progressed, even though there were some questionable answers which the ending kinda cleared up for us. But overall -the beginning was enjoyable, the ending had some shock value... but the middle - meh. I'll probably enjoy it a second time round.

Nice work. I enjoyed how you gradually revealed the true identity of the "love of her life" and how disturbing each suitor felt until then. It gave me a giggle.

What would have improved it is more dynamic performances (other than sitting down the whole time) and giving more of an urgency or purpose to her finding "the one". Either that, or 2 mins shorter to get to the punch line quicker. :)


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