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Operation: Snuffles

Not sure if it was meant to finish that way team.. but hey, from we saw. I thought it was a good film.
I always enjoy a good narrative driven short film, which I think your team nailed. The edits were good, transitions that were used are usually cheesy - but y'all made it work - so well done. Shots were all good, your main actor was all good, I think some of the timing of the shots were drawn out too far. The lighting of the shots felt like it didn't sync up (e.g. he was doing the heist 5.30pm but every shot felt like he was dipping in and out of the morning, afternoon and night)... but meh.
Regardless.. Well done team - good effort!

Doom Comes to Mars-Town

This was like a 80s throwback - a kind of throwback I enjoy.

To take on a gun fight in space was a ballsy decision - big props for that!
The FX was fun and added special sauce to the film - making it more engaging.

In terms of the characters, our main man turned bad and died pretty quickly and we were left with a hero that we really wasn't introduced to - which was a hit off the mark for me.
I feel like some of the shots were on a diagonal - it's like the camera was positioned on a tripod with a broken leg - don't know if it was intentional but I found myself tilting my head watching a few of the scenes.
The overdub of the audio was obvious for me - could have been a bit cleaner - but meh.

Overall, enjoyed the story. Enjoyed the use of location. Well done team! Y'all should be proud!


This is my kind of humour!

The fact that (I'm assuming) you pulled the majority of that together with stock footage is fantastic. The mouthing part - hilarious! The story itself was crack up and worked for the way my humour works - so thank you!

Obviously there was a watermark in the middle which was annoying - but meh. The story flowed well, but I felt it sped up rather quickly in the second half - but meh.

If I could, I would use stock images to fill in this comment section - but I can't lol

Great film team!

Courting Assistance Technology And Matchmaking Expert

Loved the setting, use of colours and lighting, music complimented the mood, shots and editing were clean - well done team!
Not gonna lie, I was getting bored as the conversations progressed, even though there were some questionable answers which the ending kinda cleared up for us. But overall -the beginning was enjoyable, the ending had some shock value... but the middle - meh. I'll probably enjoy it a second time round.

Turn Around - Sweet Cheeks

Really enjoyed the girls performance in this - well done girls.

I wanted to know why some of these characters were chilling in the dark (e.g. why were they just chilling in the kitchen having a conversation in the dark?) - a bit more thought into the story would have solved this - perhaps there was a blackout or something, something small would have cleared it up.

I felt the adult connection was weird/dodgy lol - and was confused who was the main star of the film.
The connection between the young people was awesome. The 'fuck' line, the 'Eminem' top - classic lol

Regardless, I felt the story flowed well - job well done!

Scooping Up the Truth - What Happened To Brain Boy

Sorry guys, but I was a bit confused getting through the story and figuring out what was actually going on. I think the use of the heartbeat was cool and added to the mood that you were aiming for during that section. Good effort team. Unluggy on the DQ.

Mixing Spirits

A serious story with a serious tone, which I think your team put together well as was intended.

Got to be honest, was quite boring watching it through. A version of the story has definitely been used over and over over the years. The audio could've been better. There could have been more angles and better shots used to cover the story - would have kept it a bit more engaging to watch. But with seriousness of the story, I felt like it needed something to lift the audience, whether it was another colourful character or a spin in the story - but meh. I also didn't get why the alcohol was invisible?? - but meh.. again.

Your actress did a solid job - well done there. The conclusion of the story was a good twist - which was a good play for character element that was given.

Overall - good work team!

The Price

Twas quite an engaging story after it got into the depths of it. Well done with the score and the SFX - which is key with the horror genre. Could have done better capturing the audio, also video could have been less shakey in sections but meh.

Overall, enjoyed the film. Thanks team!


Definitely had some great things going for this film.

I enjoyed the story, a lot of the shots were great, the section of the chase was well done, locations were used well - didn't feel like we were just 'in the neighbourhood'.
There were a couple of times that I caught the camera man and the equipment - but meh.

The edit was clean, the performers were good and story was well told which kept me as the viewer engaged.

Well done team!


Well shot film - I was engaged from the beginning!
As the film progressed, I didn't know which character I was taking sides with - and by the end of it, I didn't want to side with any of them lol had some room for improvement with storyline - but meh.
I feel like the ending kinda fell flat - but meh again.
Tech side of things - def had some things that were on point - which led to me enjoying my experience watching the film.
Well done team - great effort!


Enjoyed watching this - thanks.

The story was well done. Jumping in and out of the narration was good. Edit was good. Visuals were good. Audio could have been better - but meh. It felt Black Mirror-esque and actually worked quite well.
Don't think it hit the mark for the genre given - other than that I think y'all did really well!

Great effort team!

Trolley King

Bruh... with the 8hrs you used to pull this together - well done.

Shots were great, edit was clean, audio was great, the story was easy to follow, your main guy was great - good effort.

The songs could have had a bit more time put into it - but meh.
The ending could have been stretched out and had a bit more depth - but meh.

Love seeing a well executed film. Shot team!

Raspberry & Cola

Cool film team!

Firstly - awesome intro, there were some great shots in this film, the spin on the genre was well done.

The story itself I feel was a bit flat, even though it was executed well it was boring for my taste - but meh.

Regardless - good work team! And good effort to the young girl actresses on their performances!

Bleeding Love

Hey team, well done with the film - really enjoyed it!
I thought the video was well shot, the story flowed, totally got everything that was going on - and was wondering how it was going to end - was glad it concluded in a way that didn't feel rushed.
Had me laughing pretty quick and often, creative use of blood, I think the acting was good - really enjoyed it team.

Good job!

Urine Trouble!

R.I.P DMX to start with..

I think there was a lot of confusion about what the story was about..

Technically, could have had steadier shots, the ultra elements at the beginning and the cut away were meh lol

I was entertained by the song and some of the lyrics lol Well done!

Exorcise And Subscribe

Overall, great effort! Get a tick in the box for me in terms of a lot of the tech aspects of the film, even though there were a couple of audio pops, but meh. The story overall was enjoyable to watch, even though I was waiting for the ghost/demon to actually do something lol but hey, nice ending to finish it off. Well done!

Love In Bloom

Enjoyed watching the story progress. It was relevant, had me laughing a few times and was well put together.
Think the beginning was a bit choppy, but once it got into the 'obsession' part of the film it flowed quite nicely. There's some tech things that could have been better and I felt the ending was a bit off the mark - but meh.
Good effort team! Thanks for entertaining moi :)

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Very enjoyable film to watch - engaged from the beginning to the end.

Tech side of things - brilliant. Story - loved it. Acting - main man was on point. Hit the genre well, very Black Mirror-esque, hit the elements well - unfortunate that y'all got DQ'd - I reckon it would have definitely gone through to regionals.

Thanks for your story!

The Performer

Cool film team.

Your actor did a great job, with some good writing for him - well done there.

Setting could have been better, could have had some more angles, different shots to spice up the video - but meh. Audio could have had some dealing to - but meh.

Loved the song, enjoyed the story with the use of the invisible element - great job!

The Second Coming of Draven

Good work team!

Loved the effort put into the shots and the edit. For the most part, I enjoyed the story - even though its concept is a recycled one - I enjoyed it as it progressed. Though, I did feel the ending fell flat - but meh.

I liked the light humour throughout the story - even though its set to be quite dark, it was good to break it up and kept it more engaging for me as a viewer. It looked like y'all had a fun shoot - and I felt it through the screen - thank you for sharing the fun.

Overall - well done!


Some cool shots in there, cool score that came through as well - cool performance by our lead actress too - well done.

I felt the story lacked depth, I get what you were trying to achieve here but I think the idea needed more time, more narrative, more dialogue and as mentioned before, more depth. The audio needed tending to also - but meh.
The ending fell flat - but meh... again.

Regardless, well done team. Good effort.

Castle Cat-burglars

I thought use of location was great, the story was good (though similar to other stories out there), your actors were all good too, the use of elements were well done - and the SFX with the invisibility worked well - good effort.

The audio was quiet, this needed to be tended. The script could have had more work on it. Needed a better ending - but meh.

Job well done :)

"Friends In Life And Death"

Good effort team. Regardless of the technical issues with the film I enjoyed the story as it progressed. I'm actually confused - thinking, did the girls actually find out that they were dead in the end, or did I miss something?? Shot team!

The Interview

Well done team.
I enjoyed your interviewer, nice acting there. The story was engaging so well done there as well.
The elements I feel was just thrown in there 'just coz'. And though the first half of the story did justice to the genre, I didn't feel the genre drove the story at all.
Other than that though, I was entertained. Thanks team!

Food for Thought

Nice job guys. The storyline was easy to follow, the narrative was clean, helped us stay on track with the story, edit was good, visuals and audio was all good.

Could have considered some more angles and maybe some moving shots for the main actress - I think it would have sold her a lot better, also - isn't it the 3-second rule? lol - meh..

All in all team, good job all round.


Hey team, enjoyed watching your film, reminded me a bit of an Arnold movie lol
The story flowed well, there were some good shots there, well done on the SFX and the drone shot was cool.
I felt the location could have been better, felt the story was a bit of a recycled throwback. Had fun with the fight scene, but how come he didn't pull the gun out in the beginning?! lol
I was finding it hard to locate the elements in the film going through it a first time as well.
Regardless - well done team. Good effort! Take that tomato sauce on the side of his face and apply it to some celebratory fish and chips.


Good work team - good to see a team of youngsters putting together a relevant story of today with some adulty themes going on there - shows for some good story writing - well done.

Use of elements were good, a lot to work on with tech - but meh. Shots could have used better white space, audio needed tending to, I didn't understand why the screen went red for the portion that it did - and if it was trying to communicate something, could it have been done better?

Funny seeing the alcohol there in the background for some of the mid shots lol good effort from our young actors. Cool crisp cut conclusion - good job team!


Good effort team!
Though using a recycled concept, I was engaged with the story the whole way through.
Though engaging, I felt there was a bit of repitition, in these sections it could have navigated through scenes faster - but meh.. the story left me with more questions than answers tbh - could have worked a bit more on that.
Clever use of time travel. I thought the main actress did well, I thought the shots and edit was pretty clean - all round, I enjoyed watching the film.
Big ups!

The Seven Problems

Was a fun film to watch team - well done.

I enjoyed the story, had me laughing a few times, I get what was happening - so well done there and I thought overall your team did a great job pulling this together.

Made sense having an invisible girl - so cool use of invisibility, though I did feel like the rest of the elements were thrown in there just coz. I also feel like you could have utilized the 'superhero' genre a lot stronger, definitely had the potential to.

Obviously, in term of tech and production - it could have been better all round - but hey, I think y'all did a solid job with what y'all had.

Great effort team!


What the heck did I just watch?! LOL

Nice short film - with a tinge of dark, a weird story, a scary character and a song that was clearly forced on them lol - great effort team

Tech wise - I applaud the effort and got what your team was trying to achieve. I wish I had more than 90sec to critique the film.

I was confused where the story was going. Didn't understand half of the shots, but probably should watch it back so I could understand it more - but meh.

Great work!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Unique and fresh story. Did enjoy it.
At the beginning I was wondering where the lifeguards were? lol perhaps they weren't doing their jobs?
The audio needing tending to, the shots were okay, I think your main character developed well, the original composition was a nice touch,
Overall - well done team!

Tiny Town

I really enjoyed watching your film, visuals were awesome, great use of green screen and close up shots and was put together really nicely - well done.
The story itself was a great concept, but I think it didn't fully hit the mark for me - with a bit more time on the dialogue I think it would've been a better - but meh.
Other than team - great effort!

Where's Simon

Cool film team - really enjoyed watching this one!

Most of the shots were clean, the edits and audio was well done also.
The dude with the ponytail was a highlight for me - def had the Agent Smith thing going on with him - and I think naturally his face draws the viewer to want to watch him.

There were definitely things that were hitting the mark for this film, but I think it was the story itself that was lacking. Needed more depth in the characters, as a viewer I didn't care if they found the body or not - and when it came to the end, it was a bit confusing.

Overall - I think your team did an amazing job. Well done!

Odd Socks

Really enjoyed this film.

Good effort on the animation, I could see a whole series built on this type of animation (old school South Park-esque). The story was clever, dodgy in parts - but meh, the characters I could see being in a series of short films, well done with the dialogue, I think the ending fell flat - but meh.

Good effort - I want a second episode lol

Skuxx Dogs 4 Life

I enjoyed the relationship between the boys. I got where the story was going, so credit for those involved with the writing of the plot etc.
Though.. there was a lot that didn't hit the mark with the film technically - editing could have been more crisp - there were some parts I didn't hear what was going on, some audio came off the video, to name a few. Def hit the mark with the gross-out part lol, not so much the comedy for me - but meh - everyone to their own.
The story could have had more depth - but meh.
Good effort team!

The Ballad of Kiwi Kate

Cool story team - well done!

Song was fun, the shots were clean, edit was clean, the audio was good - well done.

The story I felt lacked depth, I didn't see how it was a Rom-Com and was a bit confused on why some of the events happened in the film - but meh.

All round - good work team!


Good effort team! Really enjoyed watching this as the story progressed. Cool to have the one shot fight scene, the music complimented the flow of the story but could have been mixed a little bit better, but meh - overall, had fun watching the story go down. When will we see him help her find the daughter though?! To be continued... Solid effort!

A Quack's Journey

Considering it was just two of you and a phone - well done team, I applaud the effort!

The Immortal

Bravo fam! I've watched a few films today and this one was my favourite.
Production value - brilliant. Story and script - great. Your actress - great job, reminded of me of a Keira Knightly. There's nothing I can really say bad about this film so top effort team!

It's unfortunate y'all got the DQ but meh.

Tart de Turd

How sweet revenge is when it's served in the form of cat shit?! lol - thanks for delivering a film that had a gutsy enough character that did exactly what we wish we had the guts to do IRL.

There was a lot that wasn't hitting the mark for me tech-wise, I wish there was a bit more depth in the story - and to be fair, I saw the ending coming quite early on - which the ending I'm assuming was the big hoorah for the film. Would have been good to mask it a better - but meh. Other than that, good effort on the film team - love seeing the fam getting involved as well :)


Good effort team.

There was a lot of hit and miss in this film. Audio could've been better - casino background noises, there was a hum in there. There could have been a more variety of shots to keep us engaged, the dialogue dragged on in the casino quite a bit - and the overdub of the actors was obvious and needed to be masked with some cut aways or something.
The story was wishy washy and was not in the Horror realm at all unfortunately.

Cool use of blood effects, though I wish I actually saw him hit him - but meh lol

Good work team

The Essence

Cool story and awesome to see that she came out on the other side for the better. Those glasses were terrible anyway lol

There was a lot to work on in terms of tech - the audio was pretty bad - but meh. The setting could have been dressed up better like she was actually taken to another world as opposed to up the road and down at the park - but meh.

I got where the story was going, looked like the team had a lot of fun making the film, which I felt through the screen and that always counts - so thank you for sharing the fun.

Good effort team!

Misogyny And Magic

Cool film!

I enjoyed the story as it progressed - there were definitely some laugh out loud moments, whether intentional or not. The shots were all good, the audio was all good - but that's probably where it ends for me lol

I felt the story and the characters were recycled (obviously and probably intentionally). Using an invisible dragon was an easy way out to have something invisible in there - but meh. The adventure didn't feel adventurous enough, I didn't like the ending - but meh.

Your actors did a good job. Loved the logo animations in the beginning as well.

Overall - good effort team!

Not All Drug Dealers Wear Capes

Great work team!

The dynamics with the two girls worked for me. I liked the performance of the friend that believed he was a superhero, well done there. Tech-wise, there were some good shots, some good lighting, the edit was ok, audio could have been better - but meh.

All in all - I got the story, I wish the ending hit a bit better, but was enjoyable regardless. Thanks team, awesome effort!


Hey team, enjoyed watching your film, reminded me a bit of an Arnold movie lol
The story flowed well, there were some good shots there, well done on the SFX and the drone shot was cool.
I felt the location could have been better, felt the story was a bit of a recycled throwback. Had fun with the fight scene, but how come he didn't pull the gun out in the beginning?! lol
I was finding it hard to locate the elements in the film going through it a first time as well.
Regardless - well done team. Good effort! Take that tomato sauce on the side of his face and apply it to some celebratory fish and chips.


What a fun and interesting story.

It fell flat for me for many reason. Shots could have been better, was shaky in lots of parts, could've used better white space. Audio was poor. The ending felt.. weird... lol - didn't quite get it to be honest.

The concept of the story should be applauded, I feel like it was something new and kept me engaged. But a bit more attention to resolving her issues could have helped the story conclude better, rather than throwing in a brand new idea (character) which to me felt like the story was trying to squeeze in the rom-com element in the last minute - but meh.

All round - good effort team!