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The Essence

by Not the Early Birds

An unwilling agent is sent on a mission to find the essence.


An agent is sent to another dimension because the earth is running out of vital essence, and off she goes to an ALICE IN WONDERLAND type setting where the comfortably nuts tea partiers are able to open her eyes to the colourful world of imagination.

The film also used the WIZARD OF OZ trope of starting in black and white, to represent the dying earth, before blasting into rainbow colouration when the agent was transported.

I think that this film verged a little bit from homage to probably taking a bit too much from Lewis Carroll for most of the time in wonderland, although things were redeemed a bit when you notched up the surreal and bizarre tone with the pig masks and jazz party.

I get that your actress was playing a very direct stand and deliver type agent and that the whole idea was to change her persona, open her eyes persay. The problem was by taking this approach it verged on making the line delivery feel quite flat. Due to not knowing the agent's backstory and going with the sunglass option it also made them a two dimensional character, taking away the opportunity for the audience to understand them through their face as the eyes are the window to the soul.

Sound I felt was probably the biggest letdown in terms of technical elements, as the indoor footage sounded echoey to me. The script also in my opinion felt like the essence being missing from the earth was just a springboard to then make things as dreamlike and fantastical as possible when your agent entered the world with colour. But personally whilst I love surreal and weird I need to have something engaging from a plot point of view and struggled to find it here.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 1.5/5
Elements: 2/5
Overall: 1.5/5

Cool story and awesome to see that she came out on the other side for the better. Those glasses were terrible anyway lol

There was a lot to work on in terms of tech - the audio was pretty bad - but meh. The setting could have been dressed up better like she was actually taken to another world as opposed to up the road and down at the park - but meh.

I got where the story was going, looked like the team had a lot of fun making the film, which I felt through the screen and that always counts - so thank you for sharing the fun.

Good effort team!

The art direction here is this film's strong suit, very fun and energetic, and at times pretty funny too.

The story is just a little lacking, would have been cool to see something with higher stakes and a bit more conviction.

Things you got right: A film with a surprising amount of production value, plays well to a crowd

Things to work on for next time: Crafting a story with a little more weight

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