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by Pulp Kitchen


Tied to a chair in a graffited bunker a man is interrogated as to why he might think he is here, and recalls the recent mistakes he has made in his life that range from simple and honest to very very dark.

The seemingly happy go lucky humour and eyebrow raising comments about women certainly did come across as objectifying, but the film was clever in self-addressing and utilising setups for a full story arc.

It felt just a tad like the team eyed up the Race Against Time genre that others got and heavily mixed it into their film as they pressed the bound protagonist to confess or face the consequences.

Neat plot development as mentioned, although clearly farcical. I appreciated the varied locations, though the sound of the film in the bunker did seem to fluctuate in quality quite markedly. Also whilst some lovely cinematic angles were used, at times the lighting got a little bit away from the film.

Really cool message, 100% true that women should not be objectified in any way, shape or form. I do wonder though if it really got the impact that it could have by being played for laughs?

Story: 3/5
Technical: 2/5
Elements: 2.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

Well shot film - I was engaged from the beginning!
As the film progressed, I didn't know which character I was taking sides with - and by the end of it, I didn't want to side with any of them lol had some room for improvement with storyline - but meh.
I feel like the ending kinda fell flat - but meh again.
Tech side of things - def had some things that were on point - which led to me enjoying my experience watching the film.
Well done team - great effort!

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