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Tiny Town

by Filmsplats


I really enjoyed watching your film, visuals were awesome, great use of green screen and close up shots and was put together really nicely - well done.
The story itself was a great concept, but I think it didn't fully hit the mark for me - with a bit more time on the dialogue I think it would've been a better - but meh.
Other than team - great effort!

Holy set design Batman! I mean obviously almost the entire film was green screen, but that was extremely impressive world building to create a BORROWERS type cardoard box world for tiny survivalists, including one who used to be the superhero 'Normal Man'

Quite an introspective film, as the questions to the protagonist that they should start looking at the small things in life and not taking things for granted were delivered through such an excellent script that if felt like an engaging concept for the audience to consider.

Nice sound, edit looked really smooth as well given what you were piecing together would have taken a lot of compositing.

Solid performances as well with the survivalist who already lived in the titular Tiny Town a particular stand out, showing vulnerability and wisdom at the same time.

Whilst a marvelous visual world and some important lessons were covered, I just felt like we needed another story beat to progress the arc because once shrunk down, the film was very dialogue driven and contemplative. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I personally felt the genre called for a little bit more action.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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