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The Price

by Staircase Nation


Like TOURIST TRAP in an air b n b! Of course the warning signs from the host to not break anything get ignored by a group of boozehounds, so when ornaments and picture frames get shattered there will be a price to pay!

I liked the chill approach of the film. It was upbeat and enjoyable for the most part, with the everyday characters relatable through such quips as taking a sickie for the weekend away rather than using annual leave. Classic kiwi humour.

Using voodoo as the way to off the victims was entertaining, though I felt like the introduction of the ouiji board came a little bit too late in the piece. It felt like it was done for a little bit of suspense and we were well past the point of worry by then. Also, just on the voodoo doll note I would have just loved to have seen some slightly more exaggerated repurcussions whether that was gore or makeup. It just would have amplified the laughs or horror a bit more in my opinion, but I understand that you have to work with what you have.

The film moved at a fast quip and was well edited in terms of pacing, but the camera work could have also been mixed up a bit as lots of it seemed like it was long shots of the group on a tripod. Closeups are a staple of the horror genre and a few more would have given some more life to the individual characters.

Story: 2.5/5
Technical 2/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

Take it as a compliment that this film was incredibly creepy! Now I’m not a big horror fan, so perhaps I’m not quite in tune with what the genre typically follows, but I felt it was a bit lacking that there was no final struggle from the heroes. They sort of just follow this creepy trail to their deaths, no major confrontation, which would have been good to see, even if they still end up loosing.

A lot of neat ideas here, and the creepy-yet-fast paced nature with which it all played out was a hit with the audiences.

The story is a little simple and uninspired, but that's okay because it's really just an avenue to show off some genuinely fun filmmaking imagery and language with the voodoo dolls and things like that.

Things you got right: Genuinely creepy moments, fun simple story.

Things to work on for next time: Camerawork and audio could use an upgrade - I encourage ya'll to upgrade in the technical department going forward because your ideas deserve it!

Twas quite an engaging story after it got into the depths of it. Well done with the score and the SFX - which is key with the horror genre. Could have done better capturing the audio, also video could have been less shakey in sections but meh.

Overall, enjoyed the film. Thanks team!

You guys had a pretty slick story and some great moments with how your characters were being controlled. I reckon all you need is some better setup with cameras, lights and a decent mic and you'll be knocking comp films out of the park.

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