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How to Fix a Broken Heart

by LundPicturesInc.

A mysterious man attempts to fix a woman's broken heart.


Well shot and it was creative how you did the inside the heart scene. Overall I thought it was engaging and especially liked the jokes about her questionable taste in paintings.

Oof. I really really loved your film LundPicturesInc., and it broke my heart to see it DQ, which is a little bit ironic because this film was all about mending broken hearts.

With a surreal tone but played very straight, a man lets his patient know that he has not heard a heart like her's in a long time and uses his expertise to make his way into her heart and break down her walls.

Really great performances, impressive set design and well shot/edited I liked how you pulled a reverse INSIDE OUT with the scenes inside the heart. Not 100% that the falling in love stuff worked, but loved the feeling this invoked.

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

A lot of truly top notch elements in this film, and a true shame to see something so innovative get disqualified :(

The actors, cinematography, sound and editing are all a cut above the rest of the competition here, very professional on all fronts and a film I was able to find myself engrossed in.

The true stand out though is the production design - taking us inside the heart was exactly the kind of fun madness we love to see in 48Hours - and a really exciting take on SciFi as a genre.

My one big issue with this film is not its premise (which is great), but the story itself - I was a little uncomfortable with the "let me shove this down your throat" joke towards the beginning, but it was really the ending which left me scratching my head. I'm not sure I can get behind the message of a hired professional inserting himself as the new love interest for his client, it felt unethical and a little male gazey - she falls in love with him without the two of them developing a romantic relationship at all, and I think that would have helped, though overall I think a completely different direction with the ending would have worked better.

Things you got right: a super creative idea, inspiring production design, your technical side is perfect and your actors gave very authentic performances.

Things to work on for next time: creating more complex characters with organic emotions, responses and arcs - and also don't include footage you don't own in your film D:

Wasn't sure where this was going until the man goes inside the woman's heart, which was a really cool concept. Nicely shot. Great heart set. Some open ended questions would be, what caused the hole in the woman's heart in the first place? Judging by the TV ad at the end, the usual outcome for these services is for the woman to fall in love with the man. Is this really the best solution? Altogether, a good film. Sorry about the DQ!

Top of the range technical work with this short, convincing acting and it's all really well paced. I was pretty engaged throughout, and despite what I felt was a slightly odd design of the "heart" space (I would have preferred something darker rather than just messy) you certainly had me invested in how it was all going to end. Like a few of the other reviewers above the fact you went with the hired pro essentially using his inside knowledge to hook up with the client makes it all a bit creepy in that he was again, essentially playing on the vulnerable.

Shame this was disqualified! My notes say 10/10 on the technical side. Enjoyed it too. Great job team, cant wait to see what you do next year.

Very enjoyable film to watch - engaged from the beginning to the end.

Tech side of things - brilliant. Story - loved it. Acting - main man was on point. Hit the genre well, very Black Mirror-esque, hit the elements well - unfortunate that y'all got DQ'd - I reckon it would have definitely gone through to regionals.

Thanks for your story!

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