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Somebody Someone LaChocolatier

2 Entries and 12 Reviews


A Quack's Journey

Foreign Objects


Essentially Non-Essential



This film looks like it took some time to make! I thought it was fun and just the perfect length. The faces and dance were really funny. Enjoyable to watch. I liked the way you used the spotlight to achieve ultra. The choice of song was absurdly comical, as well.

Trolley King

Loved this film! Hilarious concept, great music. Great cinematography and acting. So sorry about the DQ! Really liked the shot when the trolley king reopened the front door, great tension with a good pay off. The whole movie was paced well and leaves us wanting more. Altogether excellent!

The Interview

Great score, went well with mood of film. The plumber being called Mr. Drain was a funny joke as well as the invisible poison being labeled as 'for victims only'. Good little twist at the end revealing it was an assassin's interview. Open ended question, what would happen if Mr. White didn't switch his glass?

Where's Simon

Started off well, but not sure what happened at the end. Did it turn out Simon wasn't dead, turned invisible, and hunted them down? Great acting and filming.

The Ballad of Kiwi Kate

Great songwriting, singing, guitar. Well done making a musical when you weren't forced to! Clever use of invisibility.


Had a bit of a hard time following the story, however, very cool location shoot at the Casino.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Great movie. Nicely shot, beautiful score, good story. Really tugs at the heart strings! Would have liked to have seen this as a city finalist.

The Immortal

Great costumes and effects. Great acting as well. Cliché lesson learned, always shoot twice. Great job guys! Excellent film.


Enjoyed watching this film, good pace, however questioned the child's motivation for saving someone who was seemingly a stranger. Would have been more believable if the child was a relative to the man, or if the child had dove for the gun and was shot in a struggle. All-in-all, an easy film to follow and watch. Sorry for the DQ!

How to Fix a Broken Heart

Wasn't sure where this was going until the man goes inside the woman's heart, which was a really cool concept. Nicely shot. Great heart set. Some open ended questions would be, what caused the hole in the woman's heart in the first place? Judging by the TV ad at the end, the usual outcome for these services is for the woman to fall in love with the man. Is this really the best solution? Altogether, a good film. Sorry about the DQ!


Hilarious concept behind the difficulty of locating and rescuing invisible drowning people. Fascinating concept of everyone being invisible, except the main character, as typically it's the other way around. Open ended question, how is the blind lady going to find her shoes?

The Sounds Of Earth

This is such a cute film! The characters are absolutely adorable, from the shoulder angle shots to the butt cracks to the quick and funny dialogue to the perfectly timed jiggling to the hilarious sound effects (I can only find myself imagining how those were made!). The space animation (drawings on the probe and earth, etc.) were awesome and must have taken a lot of work and time. Great detail and very cool range of motion. Hamish was beautifully animated and he definitely tugged at the heart strings, which was wonderfully balanced with the dad's annihilistic humour and the son's compassion. I really loved this film. It was my choice for City Winner. P.S. the intro is super cool as well!