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Where's Simon

by Team Salt & Light

So where is Simon? Follow to guys on their journey


Bumbling hitmen look for their missing kidnap victim who somehow escaped from the boot of their car on the way to the murder spot. The tone was set early when we learn it is not the first time they have had things or limbs go missing, and from there they urgently raced around looking for their target Simon.

I thought your actor with the ponytail gave a terrific performance in this film, showing excellent screen presence with fantastic facial expressions and nuanced line deliveries that reminded me of Hugo Weaving in THE MATRIX.

The edit was tight and I noted 'cool music' though not sure if was original or stock, but it suited the film well either way. The only thing that dragged this down for me a little bit was the ending, which felt a bit rushed compared to the proceeding film.

Story: 3/5
Technical: 4/5
Elements: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

Started off well, but not sure what happened at the end. Did it turn out Simon wasn't dead, turned invisible, and hunted them down? Great acting and filming.

I think this is easily Salt and Light's best film to date, with a story that, for at least the first couple of scenes, was really compelling and interesting.

The final act has the energy of a team who accidentally deleted half their footage, or their film ran too long and they resulted to some creative edits to try conclude everything - and unfortunately I'm at a loss for what ultimately happens here in this story.

The final act where we watch the characters trek into the wilderness with the "fade/cut to black" editing device was overused, you generally should only use this for a few seconds at most (not an entire climax), and also we should probably change scenes in between fades instead of seeing the exact same shot with the characters just further along.

Still, really nice characterization and a lot of potential.

Things you go right: Characters played by dedicated and compelling actors, the makings of a good story.

Things to work on for next time: Finishing said story in a cohesive way.

Cool film team - really enjoyed watching this one!

Most of the shots were clean, the edits and audio was well done also.
The dude with the ponytail was a highlight for me - def had the Agent Smith thing going on with him - and I think naturally his face draws the viewer to want to watch him.

There were definitely things that were hitting the mark for this film, but I think it was the story itself that was lacking. Needed more depth in the characters, as a viewer I didn't care if they found the body or not - and when it came to the end, it was a bit confusing.

Overall - I think your team did an amazing job. Well done!

Definitely this teams best effort so far! Stunning opening, really awesome set up, the characters were convincing and intriguing. As already mentioned in other reviews, you did loose us at the end, which is always the trickiest part of this competition, a satisfying resolution, so definitely your next step is to focus up on how to stick the landing the strongest possible way.

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