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The Interview

by Squire Films

'It was hell,' recalled former child.


Three disposal experts compete for an employment position.

Some funny moments here and a good performance from the interviewer. I was left a little foggy though on how the whole poison thing played out. Perhaps would have been cool to have the three of them play some mind games with each other before deciding which glass to drink from.

An old hand, a sword obsessed younger man, and a woman whose definition of "disposal expert" differs just a tad compared to the norm all answer the call to a flyer with a number for a job.

Essentially a satire of the cutthroat job market, this was very stabby and murderous. To me it felt like portraying the guy with the sword and the woman as almost silent figures was a mistake, because it robbed them of any characterisation and motivation for their actions. Instead it seemed like the team was going for a 'the job market is killer' parody, and it just didn't really raise any laughs for me personally because the deaths had no impact.

I liked the screen presence of the boss doing the hiring. I honestly just wish the script had been developed more in order to make me feel more involved as a viewer.

p.s. where was the anti/reluctant/unlikely hero? The woman didn't qualify in my opinion as she was just murderous. Oh well.

Story: 1/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 1/5
Overall: 1.5/5

Great score, went well with mood of film. The plumber being called Mr. Drain was a funny joke as well as the invisible poison being labeled as 'for victims only'. Good little twist at the end revealing it was an assassin's interview. Open ended question, what would happen if Mr. White didn't switch his glass?

This was a hit with the audience, which was great to see/here.

On a technical front it's pretty solid, the shots are clear and the audio is good - I'd say the next step for this team would be to start experimenting, get a cinematographer and start visually telling stories instead of just showing what's happening.

The same could be said for locations - I'm not too keen on seeing films set inside anyway, but a more convincing waiting room would have helped this film improve.

My heart broke when the old man was stabbed to death :(

A few too many plot inconsistencies/contrivances for my liking, but overall a clear story told effectively.

Things you got right: A clear narrative, characters with clear motivations

Things to work on for next time: Embrace cinema! Make something a little more adventurous and unhinged.

Well done team.
I enjoyed your interviewer, nice acting there. The story was engaging so well done there as well.
The elements I feel was just thrown in there 'just coz'. And though the first half of the story did justice to the genre, I didn't feel the genre drove the story at all.
Other than that though, I was entertained. Thanks team!

I really enjoyed this at the screenings I laughed a lot so thank you very much for a pleasant time :) It was engaging enough that the audience was constantly keen to see what the next gag would be. Keep at it squire!

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