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The Interview

Squire Films


Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

CRAB CRAB CRAB almost do a musical every year, so to actually get that genre... - The lead penguin was horrific to behold, but that only added to the fun. - Good musical numbers. - Nice simple story, but it didn't need to be more complex.

The Pickup

One again Pigs Guts comes up with a cracker. Good story, and well shot and sounded. The final scene was well-fore-shadowed and ended up a suitable climax. Good stuff.


Sci Fi has always been hard to do on a budget, what with its complex sets and props. Especially in 48 hours. And hard Sci Fi - even more difficult. Well, you pulled it off amazingly well. A little gem, warts and all.

The Stile

I must admit that it wasn't until the second viewing that I realized Beth was talking to Death. And that certainly changes the film! This wasn't helped by him having such a young voice, and his dark blue jacket. Maybe black and long (esp since he's out of focus)? (Having a tattered robe, skull face & scythe would change the whole feel.) Well shot. Well done, Beth. You have a star there for your Everything Sticks stable.

Best Before

A magical "expired best-before date" sandwich transports the eater to other dimensions. A superb idea and executed very well. It wasn't completely clear if time passed at home between bites, but that was only a minor quibble of the over-all story. Loved this one.


Such a pity you were late to hand in. The drone footage of the car chase was superb. I especially liked the spin as the cars went around the roundabout. Good story too.


Submission Impossible have done great stuff in the past, but I didn't enjoy it so much this year. I thought this one dragged a little in the middle, and the ending was predictable; to be fair, we knew the genre. Well shot, and quality made.

My Boo

Such a shame this one was disqualified (I think it was 10 seconds late). - The glowing effect of the ghosts was done really well. - The story was good and solid and easy to follow. - I loved the helper ghost's attitude and mannerisms. Well done on all fronts.


Nice to see both meanings of the word "trollied" (or "trolleyed") incorporated in this story. The middle part might have been a little long, and the final climax was predictable, but it was great *because* it was predictable. (Anyway, when you're given the Shock Ending genre, you are at a disadvantage from the beginning) Good stuff, and I certainly enjoyed it.

#2 way

So much work! You certainly have to be keen to attempt something like this. But well done.


A superb film and technically well done. You have an interesting POV take on the genre (and your team name serendipitously fits perfectly!). Good stuff.


Upshot has got better and better as the years go by. And this year was no exception to that pattern. Cat and Mouse genre always run the risk of turning into a tedious chase, but I think they handled it perfectly. Well shot, good music, and it I did like the ending.

The Silent Man

Another superb achievement from TBALC. Beautifully shot and clever story. And excellent use of Harper Harrison's thoughtless trait. Nice to see Vanessa Wells (Zebra Crossing and Eh team) with this crowd this year; always good.

Time to go

A psychopath mother goes after her daughter's friends. First-time entry by Meme Teme, and a superb start. They hit the horror genre dead-on; using all the normal horror tropes and cliches perfectly. Could do with a bit of work on technical elements, esp sound and some camera work. But the pacing and story is sound. Welcome to 48 hours! Well done.

We'll just have to do things the long way.

This one has to win the best costumes award (though, I guess you only have to clothe one actor!). - Good costumes good props. - Babies with mini-guns... Solid production and a lot of fun!

The Intervention

I have watched Strang over the past few years and loved their work. (I still chuckle even now over The Kids Next Door (2011). ) That said, this year's one didn't work for me. Maybe because it was too slice-of-life, and dragged. Maybe because I didn't relate to the characters. But they nailed the shock ending! In spades. Anyway: superb production values, good acting, and well shot and editted. Good work.

Wrong Target

Once again the Mad Scientists hit us with a deluge of over-the-top gratuitous blood, gun-fire and slaughter. Once again good triumphs over evil, albeit by mistake. Good stuff.

Burnt Out

Toast, toast, toast. Toast for Africa! Good story, and some excellent shots (I like the ceiling shot of the bathroom).

The Interview

Three disposal experts compete for an employment position.

Claws and Effect

Crab Crab Crab must win the best costume with this film; the human lobster was superb. Great film, good cartoon backgrounds, and interesting interpretation of the Crime genre. With the fascist claw symbols and police state, this film could have fit nicely into the Dystopian genre too. And I laughed hard. Well done.


This was my fave of the Thursday night. I sad little film, but a solid story. Superbly done.