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Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

by CRAB CRAB CRAB 56 views


Default Avatar LaChocolatier

This movie was so over-the-top hilarious that I couldn't even! Absolutely loved the musical changes, too funny. The rap at the end was hilarious. One of my favourite movies of the night.

This is what hp 48 hours is all about for me. Had a little taste of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and a little bit of Killer klowns from outer space Loved the puddle scene.

The most CRAB CRAB CRAB film I've seen. After your lobster film I knew exactly which direction we were going here - and loved every second of it. Really strong comedic timing, more of a skit than an actual story (narrative was weak) but the audience loved it and I'm sure it'll get a finals nod.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A young girl wishes she was a penguin and gets some musical insight into the life of one of them. CRAB CRAB CRAB must have been rubbing their hands together when they drew musical - they've basically included some sort of musical number in most of their previous entries. Like Zac above, once the girl wished to be a penguin to her soft toy you just knew it was coming to life. Catchy tunes and a variety of styles which was sustained throughout. Yeah, not much of story here at all but lots of fun, the audience got into it and it was a great way to start Heat 3. The penguin was kind of scary though!

Truly hilarious - loved everything about it. The penguin is simultaneously heart warming and scary as all hell. Wee girl did an amazing job and was well directed. That regurgitation at the end was perfect way to wrap up. Nice

I've been a fan of you guys ever since my little high school self ended up in an adult heat watching some dude try and fight off a giant bread man in his head, and since then you've never disappointed me. Once again nailing your style down, fantastic songs, and would have been a real shock for those who have never seen one of your films before, brilliant.

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

What is there to say with crab crab crab at this point. Crazy funny and knocked it out of the park again this year. Keep doing your thing guys

This years ultra + Musical is the best combination of elements I could have hoped Crab Crab Crab would receive. The film is delightfuly strange and unsettling. But also strangely grounded for this team which really works to the films advantage

CRAB CRAB CRAB almost do a musical every year, so to actually get that genre... - The lead penguin was horrific to behold, but that only added to the fun. - Good musical numbers. - Nice simple story, but it didn't need to be more complex.

Default Avatar NickMcLean

This film had some cringe laughs, loved the gangsta rap moment - interesting outfits, creepy and very 48hours. Some of the Technical aspects of the film could have been better? - Maybe this was probably done on purpose for the comedy.

Default Avatar nshady

Nice work as usual, team! I love that you have this weird style, and you fully commit - and I particularly enjoyed your takes on the various music genres. I guess ultimately I look for a little bit more narrative purpose in a film, and as much fun as it is to go along with the crazy, to me it ends up feeling a bit weightless because in the end there's not really a point. But maybe the lack of a point is the point? Who am I to say.

When I found out you guys at CRAB CRAB CRAB were doing ULTRA this year, AND you got the Musical + genre, I was so excited to see what you'd deliver, and boy oh boy, did you deliver. As a team, you've slowly bubbled to the surface of my most anticipated films each year, with "Wheat, Myself and Rye" being the gold standard for how to truly master bizarre in 48hours, and while "Close Encounters of the Bird Kind" is a little lighter in the story department from previous films, it sets a new precedent for being... weird? shocking? terrifying? All of these things and more? This film is carried by it's amazing songs with gut busting lyrics (I love that you worked the word "Cloaca" in there) and an inspiring and devoted performance from Tim Driver AKA Mr. Penguin. Every year I marvel at the production quality of the costuming and art design in your films, and while I wasn't as dumbfounded by Mr. Penguin's get up as I was by your bread man or the slug lady, it is definitely the most terrifying character to be inducted into the CRAB CRAB CRAB rogue gallery. Maybe they could all team up next year? That would be a nightmare. As I said up top, the only way in which this film is lacking is that the actual story feels a little undercooked. I would have liked a little more connective tissue between the songs Mr. Penguin is singing and the little girl watching him- both characters go on arcs, but neither seem to truly affect each other beyond the girl ultimately choosing the penguin life. Maybe if he'd taken the girl by the hand and they actually flew to Antarctica together to witness all the events detailed in the songs (like a fucked up version of that animated Snowman short film from like 40 years ago), the film would feel more like a complete journey as opposed to just a girl listening to a penguin singing. But, alas, penguins can't fly. Still, it feels a little pointless to critique a film which is already as amazing as this, but there you go. I love this film, I love this team, and I cannot wait to see what the crabs offer up next year. As for your title, "Close Encounters of the Bird Kind" is classic, I'm sure there are other more penguin based movie titles you could have spoofed here, but this one speaks to the alien nature of your film, and your team.

Funny. Weird. Delightful. Heavy. Bangin'. This is what Crabs hallucinate when they get Avian Influenza. Great songs. But you guys have always been at home with the Musical genre. Great acting, from both the imaginative young girl and Mr. Penguin. Once again we are left wondering where the heck Crab Crab Crab get their costumes from. Chromakeying is a risky move during 48 hours and a lot of teams have been less than stoked with the final rendered results (I can testify to this!). As we are often our own worst critics I would guess the Crabs would have been a bit disappointed with the glitches, but I personally felt little distraction due to it. The crazy roller-coaster just keep rolling. And rapping. Thanks for the laughs Crabs, and the lesson in ornithology.

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