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Somebody Someone Bock_Simon

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Lookey Luke


Fang, Bat, Stake



Perpetual Pause

Nailed the genre guys - a perfect "Highschool" flick. Love the technique and exploration into different ways to freeze time. Saw a few cheeky grins in there from a few "frozen" actors ;) Overall - very well done, and a nice alternative to the usual 48 hour comedy.

Banana Chick and Cat Girl

Great way to end the heat last night - grins all around. I wondered if you guys might have had issues with you original idea and then this got smashed out in an hour or two? Titles and graphic overlays produced laughs at the right time, loved the "one room" concept and the hoodlum looked like he was having a good everyone did. Glad to see this make it in!


Good work guys! loved this concept. Felt the monster coming - but that didn't take away from the story at all. The arrogant dude was well played and backed up by his mates, mad him hate-able enough to enjoy his demise at the end. Keep up the good writing!

Natalie & Gregory

This film was really clever - loved the stalker's attitude throughout, he was just a nice guy haha. You guys have done a really good job - timing and pacing felt nice. Acting was tight and the edit worked well to tell the story. Keep it up!

My Boo

Really well done guys, strong acting and cinematography. Tight edit, with alot of work gone into rotoscoping throughout. Loved the hanging / dopey looks from your main. The ghost guide was a hit too and well performed! Good comedic timing and the story holds up even with some minor errors. Audience seemed to enjoy it.


Very tight production here as always from Little Old Lady - I always look forward to your work guys. Cool to see a different angle on the android / techno-takeover theme. Really loved the establishing shots throughout - helped with pace and time. Beautiful location and well acted once again. Well done !

Stanley & Mildred

Nice work guys, a fun little flick from a team who seems to always have a great time making films together. Some really nice sequences and thoughtful costumes in this one. Loved the classic baby powder in the hair. In the longer shots - you gugs actually looked pretty old! Hamsters are a nice touch!

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

Truly hilarious - loved everything about it. The penguin is simultaneously heart warming and scary as all hell. Wee girl did an amazing job and was well directed. That regurgitation at the end was perfect way to wrap up. Nice


Very clever little film - lots of laughs and the audience lapped it up. The ending was spot on and each post-credit shot helped fill in a well rounded little tale. Great acting from everyone. Nice

The Immortal

As everyone has mentioned.....amazing cinematography and VFX to create a stunning image. Loved the performances, lighting, black and white and close quarters storytelling. Awesome work guys - a beast of an effort for 48hours.

K9 Catastrophe

Well thought out guys - a good ol' switch-a-roo style flick. Wasn't sure what happened at the end ? (car hit) but either way - this was clever and a cool little twist on the trope. Keep it up

We'll just have to do things the long way.

What can I say that hasn't already been said by the film itself! this beast was really fun and in the spirit of the comp "just get it done" attitude. Bloody hilarious moments throughout and you were clearly tired by the end! loved the baby dalek style high chairs, loved the home-made props - this is the sort of film that gets talked about for weeks. Awesome work.

Two Steps Forward

Quite a large idea to get into 5 mins - it can be hard to establish a relationship and tempting to fill in the blanks with dialogue. Good on you for not going into detail about the time travel pills - that would have been un-necessary. I liked the open ending and the bath scene was well acted... quite believable.


A cute little flick - well done guys... The film really started when the young dude said "my ankle got hurt" ahhhh .... here we go haha. Loved how the poor young lady go dealt to all the way to getting pizza and ended up carrying them back home half clutching them sideways. The ending was good too - poor thing. Must have been shot on a few different cameras? (maybe cellphones?) as the aspect kept switching back and forth. This is what 48 hours is all about... just getting it done... telling good stories! Keep it up

Last Day for Stan

Very clever and some great acting from the lead....would have loved to see his alien hands make another appearance - they looked great. Few little continuity things going on - maybe some of the ordering was an after thought? Cute ending and good chemistry all around - audience loved it.

Dumb Cult

Nice one guys, classic NBN style & humour. It's really interesting to see how many people went down the TV show angle this year across the heats. Yours is the best I've seen. Lovable quirky characters with a simple premise wins every time. Keep it up as always!

Dial 'M' for Killing

Loved it as always... A bunch of fun and totally weird. The songs, lyrics are damn catchy and I have multiple images from this bruned into my memory. My favorite is drinking from the bird.
Bloody well done *excuse the pun.

A Hearts Desire

Loved it guys, the performances were spot on, totally creeped out by the water, you guys are dedicated.
I only half agree with others about the ending... Tbh I saw it coming, and don't mind the gear shift. Would have been cool to see it go full horror, but I'm not let down at all. Keep it up!

Baby On Board

Yip, classic Dragon v Mouse.... and we all loved it. The baby was a standout and this film sticks in my memory until this morning. Clever timing and V/O from the "baby" Loved the brutality going on around him and he just goes with it - kinda a good reflection of how we all seem to wander through the world...making up our own narrative and rationalization for the disturbing things that happen all around us. Nice one guys, love your stuff

The Stile

Expected something completely different based on the team intro - maybe the contrast here was too much? Well shot and acting was on point....took me a little while to work out who each character was and what their angle was....these can be tricky themes to play with and requires really thoughtful writing. Maybe could have used a flashback or other supplement to help drive the narrative home. Well done guys - very swish.

Night Shift

Very awesome guys - loved the split screen use and your animation style, especially considering it's created in 48 hours! Great jokes / gags throughout. High quality, huge laughs!

The Jacket

Well done team - a magical jacket that guides people toward a better life. Good little concept with a clear and concise narration. Well shot and edited, this is a clear strength for you. Slow-mo is very "in" right now and you guys made good use of it. Good to see another angle on this trope / genre - keep up the good work guys


Awesome set up for an absolutely hilarious payoff. Bloody loved it team Cactus.

Knight Vlogs

You guys did a good job considering it was a night shoot and lit with head torches. Good chemistry with the actors and I liked the chatter over the titles. You had really good suspense and build up - there were a few good little warm-up scares in there with a hint of a monster face.... I just wish you ramped it up a few more notches toward the end, there was a-lot of potential to have a "filled-my-pants" moment. They all made it out alive?! Keep pushing Dead Revivals - getting better each comp.