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Banana Chick and Cat Girl

by Team Moon 107 views


I overheard people in the audience saying that this team's original idea fell apart, and that they were forced to make 'something' at the last minute. I felt like I was watching something out of Scared Scriptless; quick impromptu and entertaining, but I think this team realises it is a bit far off from making the finals this year. I am glad you guys had fun, and persevered to make something to show. The audience was definitely amused, and it hit the intended marks. JJ

Default Avatar Ash McKenzie

This film rocked my world, I laughed so hard not sure why but, it feel like I was watching childrens imagination in real time so much goodness roll on nationals for team moon

Default Avatar Paul Docherty

Awesome. So funny.

Hilarious, self aware, and with a good story and theme tune to boot! Captures the spirit of the competition really well and was fun to watch. Thank you!

Great way to end the heat last night - grins all around. I wondered if you guys might have had issues with you original idea and then this got smashed out in an hour or two? Titles and graphic overlays produced laughs at the right time, loved the "one room" concept and the hoodlum looked like he was having a good everyone did. Glad to see this make it in!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A group of people act out (albeit with low enthusiasm & maximum awkwardness) the adventures of Banana Chick & Cat Girl. Maybe I'm just old, or don't have a sense of humour but I really didn't get into this. An obvious piss-take or as has been mentioned 11th-hour project that I guess you can argue delivered on what it was hoping to achieve. On the plus side - the majority of the audience loved it. For me, I'm completely over awkward kiwi humour so I'm a tough crowd for something like this.

Default Avatar jilbo

I doubt that this will every make nationals. But it was bloody hilarious while watching it. :D

Default Avatar nshady

I really, really enjoyed this. I don't even want to know why it came to be. But it proves that sometimes you can have the most unexpected success by lampshading all the tropes and just having drunken fun along the way. The contrast between the inordinately well made intro and the single take madness just made it better. I hope you get through. Thanks.

A laugh all the way through, but a story that was somewhat difficult to follow.

Not sure how to review this film. Sure i really liked it, and on its on merits i’d give it all the stars. But revised against all others. Lol, I don’t know how to review this film.

When I heard that TBALC was splitting off into multiple teams this year, I was very excited, and Team Moon was one of my most anticipated films, knowing nothing about it. Suffice to say... "Banana Chick and Cat Girl" is not what I expected. It's had an interesting response depending on the audience. Having been in 48hours for so long, and knowing the players on screen, and knowing Scared Scriptless, I found myself really enjoying the film- complete with unabashed "telling not showing" and inside jokes. My mum, who vetted a lot of the films with me, was utterly lost and confused. Had it not been for the clout of the members attached to this team, I don't think I would have given it a second glance (there was a time when this film had made it on to a longer shortlist, but it didn't seem fair to include it over other films which played the game more sincerely). The film plays to its strengths, and it is an interesting idea to see a bunch of improv artists improv their way through an entire short film- which is such a succinct idea I wouldn't be surprised if this was genuinely always the plan. It's generally accepted that the film we all got was not the intended film initially, and this would make sense- particularly with the oddly genre-specific team intro. I'm really interested to know what went wrong, and how you all landed on the decision to make what you made (which looks like it was made Saturday night). As for your title, "Banana Chick and Cat Girl" certainly delivers on what it promises.

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