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Somebody Someone Limels

9 Reviews


A Slime of Passion

one of my favorites! i did manage to hear the slug lady and it was the perfectly wacky ending to a perfectly wacky film. over the top as heck but very self aware and very funny


a really sweet film, and the perfect start to the heat! a very vague beginning kept us guessing, but i ended up appreciating the pace.

Banana Chick and Cat Girl

Hilarious, self aware, and with a good story and theme tune to boot! Captures the spirit of the competition really well and was fun to watch. Thank you!

Brought back for the Shot

So. Good. The freaking paper clips on his face? Laugh out loud funny kinda film, and very beautiful too. Very excited to see more from these folks!!!

The Enchantress

Sucks we couldn't make out the monologue! Gorgeous scenes, nice pace, sweetest ending; I think understanding what we had just seen would have made this a killer film.

Dumb Cult

I dont think i'll ever stop quoting this film, nobody should argue with toast or be unsupportive of their wives. Fantastic acting, slick editing and technical, very cleverly written. Definitely a favourite of the night!