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by Blood and Bone


Strong start to the night. Loved the soundtrack, added another element and was really really well executed. I felt the end was a little rushed; we had a great middle of the film to set up the ending, just felt like it lacked something. Got one of my audience votes nonetheless!

a really sweet film, and the perfect start to the heat! a very vague beginning kept us guessing, but i ended up appreciating the pace.

Default Avatar Timothy Palmer

I don’t care how good a film looks if in the end there is no coherent story. If a film does not have a good story, then I’m not interested. Fortunately, “Blue” has a story worth telling and it is told well. “Blue” served as one of the more well-presented stories from the night. Unlike most of the other films from the heat, “Blue” had a more serious mood as it looked to portray the struggles of a young woman. This was the story of a woman who is condemned to a silent existence. A past accident led to the woman losing her ‘voice’. In the end, it is another accident which causes her to recover her voice (An unconventional voice, but a voice nonetheless). The themes that lie behind “Blue” (i.e. a personal transition from chaos to order) are familiar to many. This is a rich story and there is much that could be written about the ideas explored in this film. Ultimately, the real strength of this film came from the way the story was told. The film itself was polished and well-presented. “Blue” had some of the best cinematography of the night. “Blue” reminds you that good story telling doesn’t require a running time of an hour and a half and a multi-million-dollar budget. Thoughtfulness about the ideas and skillfulness in the actual production of the film are what’s needed. “Blue” has both in spades.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A woman, stuck in her own personal hell after losing her "voice", inspires her researcher husband to find a cure. A real dramatic turn to start this heat. Shades of "Get Out" with the cereal bowl scraping and I liked the low dialogue approach that dominated the first half of this short. Good music, effective colour blot effect and a sweet, albeit slightly weak ending tied up a well-executed short. Some may find the complete lack of audio at the end distracting - intentional or an oversight? I heard cases for both!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Deaf woman frustrated, partner in lab accidental discovers substance that response to sound improves deaf persons life, good visual effects and smash cut overall a good short film

Great sound design and score, very atomospheric, Strong idea that all came together with a satasfiying ‘twist’ ending, i say ‘twist’ im not sure if it was a twist or if i wasnt following earlier on in the film, eaither way by the time the film finished i was clear on exactly what was happening and i loved it, Great use of special effects, strong in a non show off kinda way. Competently shot and acted too.

Fantastic atmospheric piece with some really nice special effects and a super satisfying and wholesome twist at the end.

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