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Dumb Cult

by No Budget Ninjas 169 views


Default Avatar Ash McKenzie

A really good arc the writing and actors alike gave us alot! Solid effort, technical on point, good jokes!

Default Avatar Paul Docherty

Well written and acted.

Default Avatar My Roxburgh

"Can't argue with toast."

I dont think i'll ever stop quoting this film, nobody should argue with toast or be unsupportive of their wives. Fantastic acting, slick editing and technical, very cleverly written. Definitely a favourite of the night!

Default Avatar Alyse McKenzie

So Hallarious !!!!!! Great use of the puddle !! Love it :)

Nice one guys, classic NBN style & humour. It's really interesting to see how many people went down the TV show angle this year across the heats. Yours is the best I've seen. Lovable quirky characters with a simple premise wins every time. Keep it up as always!

We've had a lot of documentary type films this year and you guys have nailed that better than everyone I've seen so far. Some great dialogue and thought your commitment to the bunker set was great - particularly enjoyed that spit bucket, need to get myself one of those.

Hi team, apologies for the harsh review, but I there are a few things that have me questioning this. Besides, I think you guys have enough support to get by. What I liked: -The male lead acting- some real cool subtle moments, like the glance to the camera at the kitchen sink. -Spit in the bucket What I really wanted more of: -From a seasoned team, I really wanted to see more risks taken. Too many teams are playing it safe, and personally I just wouldn't go to the cinema to see a documentary. I felt the grand tour of the inside of the container was a bit of a throwaway gag that could have maybe included some more though out props. It just seemed a bit lazy to me. As well as filming in the kitchen. What confused me was who was filming when the camera crew were 'raptured', and what was the purpose of the container as a safety place if they were raptured from within? Next time please please please go a bit harder- the cinema should be a visual feast! 3/7 mini-guns for the camera crew disappearing.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Mockumentary/Reality TV special about a religious cult leader and her husband/partner preparing for the rapture and subsequent last day on earth. Hmmm. Nicely shot, edited and acted but that's easy for this team. A few years back they made a mockumentary about a guy with dance tourettes and so it feels like a bit of a cop out to make one of these again when they have the ability to make edgy, creative, finals-worthy stuff. There are a few sight gags, some one-liners, plays on the c-bomb (which seemed like the point of the film) and really just a lot of tedium leading up to a confusing container scene. As has been mentioned above why was crew even in there? Sorry, but I found this tiresome.

Default Avatar NickMcLean

This film was great, one of the best mockumentary films so far (Heaps of these this year). Seems like it was the safe option? I liked most of the humour, but some of the gags were safe and not that bold or original. Overall, technically it was well executed.

Another great comedy from No Budget Ninjas centred around an odd but intriguing scenario. The format was great, the jokes were great. Overall, a joy to behold, and exactly what I expect from 48hr vets like yourselves.

I’m always down for a film about a cult. I can’t help but take points of for the documentary style. But i have to admit No Budget Ninjas use it really well and it complements the story they want to tell very naturally. Great characterisation. Good premise for the genre I also can’t help the feeling that i expected more from this team based on their previous films

This film's biggest strength is it's characters and acting. Both Mrs. Baggins and her typical kiwi wife mannerisms and Mr. Baggins and his beautifully subtle understated performance in the background of the shots, or quietly mocking his wife's end of the world beliefs. Both performances had the audience rolling, as well as some excellent gags and one liners, which basically tie the film together- my favourite being leaving the dog outside the bunker, so brutal but so funny. The judge's really loved this one. Mockumentary gets a lot of flack these days, but both "Dumb Cult" and "PC High" get an insane amount of mileage out of this format that I begrudgingly giggle at all those classic Mockumentary tropes like glancing at the camera anyway. This is slick for a 48hours film, Mockumetary or not, and it's great to see the culmination of a bunch of people who are creative for a living let loose and make something as crazy as this. In a way I think it represents a classic but tried-and-true formula for 48hours successes, and it's good to see No Budget Ninjas continuing to make the finals. If I were to pick any gripes with the film, I'd say there were a couple plot holes which I found it hard to ignore- mainly around the mechanics of the actual end of the world- I'm not sure why you'd need a bunker if the rapture was your apocalypse of choice, though I guess it was a 'prepare for everything' situation. Overall I'd say the story is the film's weakest link, I'd have liked something a little more original, but as I said, the performances are what makes this film so good, so that's all it needed. Perhaps, going forward, this could be something No Budget Ninjas focus on for next year. As for your title, I'm not sure if "Dumb Cunt" is ubiquitous enough of an insult for it to be obvious that "Dumb Cult" is playing off of it- I didn't think of it at all until it's bleeped in the film. I'm also not sure if the archetype character of Mrs Baggins is the type of person who'd use this phrase (it always felt like a Lad culture kind of thing to me). I think "LDOPE" would have probably fit your film better as a title, but this is all pretty superfluous stuff in the end isn't it? Great job anyway team!

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