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The Enchantress

by Christchurch On Air 158 views


Really sweet story was told, the ending was a nice touch. Unfortunately the impact of the monologue was lost, so a lot of character motivations were difficult to understand. The location (and weather) really set the scene for the film, kudos for having a strong theme and sticking to it.

Sucks we couldn't make out the monologue! Gorgeous scenes, nice pace, sweetest ending; I think understanding what we had just seen would have made this a killer film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A (Victorian?) swordsman walks the forest in pursuit a dark character whilst a heroine races to save him. Another dramatic piece in this heat with some effective opening shots. Hard to hear the monologue in places and the piano device lingered slightly longer than I would have liked. A sweet ending charmed the audience.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Nice edit and cinematography however a lack of talking made the plot unclear and the poem voiced over was difficult to hear. A man followed evil to die but this was fought off by a woman the movie.

I loved it, less about plot or a three act structure, just a simple story idea done well. Tightly edited, well shot, great way to take on your genre, of all the christchurch films this one really felt like a fairytale. Loved the reveal at the end, which was made all the more satasfying by the panio framing device used throughout the film.

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