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A Slime of Passion

by CRAB CRAB CRAB 132 views


In only CRAB CRAB CRAB style, a bold concept executed really well, much to the audience's delight. The leads performed their roles well, only setback was the audio of the slime monster (?) at the end got eaten up. A film that doesn't take itself too seriously from a team that doesn't take itself too seriously, really good stuff!

one of my favorites! i did manage to hear the slug lady and it was the perfectly wacky ending to a perfectly wacky film. over the top as heck but very self aware and very funny

Default Avatar Timothy Palmer

Have you ever wondered what kind of movie you would get if you mixed “Lethal Weapon” with “Weekend at Bernie’s”? Neither, and I don’t know why anyone would. However, if anyone were up to the task then surely it would be none other than CRAB CRAB CRAB. At the outset, let me say that there are two things that “A Slime of Passion” does well. Firstly, this film correctly understands that farmers are indeed the backbone of our economy (A small joke, yet one of the best one-liners of the night. Steven Joyce would be so proud). Secondly, this film serves as a great parody of the over the top cop dramas that we know all too well. The laughs from this film were non-stop. The accidental death of the cop and the shot of the two cops (one dead and the other alive) running through the hallway were absolutely hilarious. This is a film that is truly enjoyable to watch. The audio for the slimy creature was a weaker point for the film. However, the design of the creature did look impressive. Also, the level of creativity needed to come up with a romantic story between the slimy creature and the dead cop is worth noting. Truly novel ideas are usually the mark of a genius. I’m not sure if the idea of a romance between a slug-like creature and a dead cop is a mark of genius, but it is probably a mark of something (something which months of counselling could help uncover). “A Slime of Passion” is one of those films that reminds you why this film festival is so enjoyable. Clever people come up with wickedly absurd and creative ideas and put them onto the screen for the world to enjoy.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A couple of hit-men discuss current events before ultimately turning their attention towards their current target. An untimely accident results in a "Weekend at Bernies" style operation. CRAB CRAB CRAB delight in the absurd and we got that here. Light on actual depth of story but heavy on craziness made this an easy favourite with the audience. The gun-fights were an obvious highlight as both leads delighted in the obvious fun being played out. Yes, the Slug creature was hard to understand and her motivation was somewhat conventional but this doesn't really detract from an overall well-executed short. Once again it's the kind of film that does well in this competition so expect to see it in the finals.

Crab Crab Crab’s straightest film in recent memory but still delightlfuly strange. Great comedy throughout, strong peformaces, production value and direction. Excellent work with the Slug Creature. Super impressive effect. Some of the simplest and strongest jokes of all the Chch Heats. Really high chance that we see thisin the City Final, I look foward to rewatching it.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Good Movie, witty writing, good action montage good make up a solid movie and patient acting for a dead character

CRAB CRAB CRAB are one of the most reliable and consistent teams in Christchurch, and SLIME OF PASSION fits nicely into their filmography. The acting is hilarious, and the effects are thankfully on brand for the team. I'm a touch confused by the combination of story elements- It seems to me the WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S style story and the quest to destroy a giant slug couldn't be further apart, and I'm not sure how well one informed the other, as the two concepts feel like they're from completely different stories. However maybe that's the point, and I look forward to more absurdist stuff from the Crabs in the future.

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