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Brought back for the Shot

by PlanetFoxFilms



So. Good. The freaking paper clips on his face? Laugh out loud funny kinda film, and very beautiful too. Very excited to see more from these folks!!!

Two neighbours get together to brag about their kids. Ain't that one we can all relate too?

Nice job whoever was your make up artist was!
The story is back and fourth and essentially trails onto a competitive sport with your underling message of course.
I like that she was still interested in being involved with him.. maybe just a little too much haha.

But the twist had me. Nice hook fellas :)

Just wanted to say how much I loved the cinematography for this! Maybe the first time I have ever seen a split diopter shot used in this competition, and it looked SO good!! Well done

Stunning colour grade on this, along with really competent audio.
While the cinematography really worked at times, I get the feeling a full frame setup would go a long way for this team, allowing for more flexibility in terms of the lighting effects that didn't quite come together here.

I was impressed by the quirky, grounded yet ambitious narrative, though I would have felt more satisfied without the montage sequences, which went by a little quick. In addition, the ending goes somewhere insane, which is a lot of fun, but isn't necessarily a satisfying narrative conclusion.

I'd love to see more films follow the ambitious, yet grounded approach of this one.

What I liked:
I am always so excited for PlanetFox, because I know I'm in for a slickly filmed wacky story, and I was not disappointed. A big bounce back (pun intended) from your perplexing previous entry too!

What I didn't like:
Perhaps I'm just not a sport guy but I thought the basketball game could have got a little more otherworldly - bring some of the mad science in so it starts messing with the quantum physics of the game.

Something else I liked:
Weird note, but it was cool seeing a team use a public domain character hahah. I'll have seen hundreds of Santas but idk about a Frankenstein before!

As always a really solid contribution from PlanetFox! Really slick the whole way through. Conceptually a really great idea, the look and editing was water tight.

Alas, not quite enough to get across the line for finals this year, but the question of why isn't so easy to spot. If I were to guess, it would be something to do with the performances just needing a little bit more of a 'punch'. The acting itself was solid, but perhaps the best feedback I can give is something I don't think I've ever noted on a 48hours review before - the casting itself probably didn't translate to the story you wanted to tell.

If you had at your disposal two crazy old people to play your scientist and cranky neighbour, for example. I think that sort of stretching of the character types is what this story would've needed to be a bit more of a standout.

I realise in saying that, 48hours is all about using what you have, and what you had was a young adult teams all with various amounts of range, so that's what you use. So this feedback is less about what you 'should have done' and more about 'if you had the time, what would have turned this idea up a notch'.

Still a great inclusion to Chch and a another feather in the cap of planetfox! Well done team.

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