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Somebody Someone Buddy

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The Cant Shack

City Finalist

Cop Out

Herms Heroes


The Cant Shack


Ta Da

What an absolute honor to watch <3 About as close to perfect as you can get from this competition.
Loved the character design, and it almost looked like claymation. The comedic elements were perfect, and added to the charm. I really expected just 5 minutes of funny accents, and I was NOT prepared for the places this film goes.
The buildup and fantastical elements were done so perfectly and paced so fuckin well. I was HOOKED from beginning to end, and I was left stunned. But its also remarkably simple in terms of scope. A great example of 'Less is More' and I mean that in the best possible way. I really can not think of a single negative. Clearly Andrew Todd did not come to fuck around. This is his competition to lose.

Ta Da

Absolutely devastated that you only got runner up, but thats only because its such a good film!! I cant wait to see what you make next year ❤️


This film FUCKS! Absolutely loved it!! The ambition is extremely inspirational and exactly what I want to see from a 48 hour competition. The ONLY criticism I can think of is a few frames of the greenscreen, and the hands controlling the creature, but I honestly think that adds to the charm of a VFX project like this. 99/100. This sets the bar for me

Office Dispute

had the pleasure of seeing this on the big screen for the first time and i LOVED IT!! I think it really sums up what this competition is all about and manages to balance humor and plot perfectly. Really great use of genre here team. I think the shooting jokes got the strongest laughs from me and my team all night


How the hell did this make the short list??

Love Machine

I have such a soft spot for stop motion animation, so this hooked me right away. Very cute little film with slick professional lighting and a great musical number. Only criticism is that the animation could have been a bit smother in places, but I also know how difficult and time consuming this art form is. Absolutely the hardest genre in my opinion, so you should be very proud of what you made. Good job team <3


Loved seeing this on the big screen. Fantastic pace and the fight scene went really hard. Also had some really fantastic humor that worked well within the universe of the film. Great work team ❤️

ACAB: All Cops Are Builders

I love this film because its exactly what I wanted to make with my team, but there was just no way we could pull it off. Im so happy that your team did this, and made it 10 times better than we ever could. The opening is a bit slow, but the reveal is amazing and all the jokes are absolutely hilarious. I cant stop thinking about 'I like the cut of this gib'. also the cinematography has no right to be this good! Seriously great stuff here team

Going Solo

Loved everything about this. I remember especially liking how well it was shot and lit. The acting was solid! Felt like it could have been plucked right out of Rick and Morty (in the best way) And I love a good crude ending. Laughed my ass off.
Maybe my only "criticism" is that it did FEEL like some other 48 hour films I have seen in the past, but its so well made that I can overlook that aspect. This film was mint. Certified Fresh

Crimson Snow

Hard to judge this movie purely on story or plot, when the main meat of this film for me was the location. Absolutely stunning and puts almost every other film to shame in some regards. The balls to film in the snow with the last of the daylight definitely pays off. Really inspiring stuff here

Cop Out

What can you make when all of your friends are either busy or working? you make COP OUT!! From the twisted minds of the creators of S.I.S, this "film" will blow you away!! What it lacks in plot or characters, it makes up for in jokes (hopefully) We took AJs notes from last years film ("...perhaps in the end it comes down to more earnestly told stories striking more of a chord with the judging panel"...) and spat all over them. We refuse to tell a good story and maybe we never will. We at Herms Heroes hope you found this both shocking and offensive❤️