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by Staircase Nation


This absolutely FUCKS!!! 10 thumbs up for me!! I wish i could have seen this in the heats🔥well done team

Loved this one!
It feels exactly how (I think) a 48 hours film should feel. Great pacing, silly little storyline and tidy funny ending. The camerawork fit the vibe too. For next time? Spend some time working on your editing, and it'll feel smoother (audio fades etc).
Great work team!

Fun wee movie, if a little unambitious. While some of the gags were a little played out, the majority of them really landed and had me in stitches.

It's a real shame to see something with such energy film in a nice, modern house. I feel with the sheer level of commitment on the table, this team could have gotten super creative with a more visually engaging location.

Fairly mixed on the technical side, but the camera work was extremely competent and did a great job conveying important story beats.

Would love to see more films with this level of energy and commitment.

What I liked:
Super funny! The Staircase Nation are great at a very specific type of comedy which perfectly matches their scrappy lowfi films. In the Staircase Nation, the comedy is king over all.

What I didn't like:
I think the pacing could have been improved a little, a story like this could squeeze a joke or visual gag in every few seconds - in future projects look at how you can squeeze as much comedic value out of an individual shot composition or character or frame as possible.

Something else I liked:
The absolute turmoil of seeing use a little wet cloth to wipe up a full glug of ketchup - harrowing stuff. Very effective.

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