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Noise Complaint

by Samuel Wallace Productions


Love this!! I fuck with the vision. The blood effect at 2:08 is SO GOOD!!!

Awesome take on the "one man against an army" subgenre that's growing increasingly popular in cinema, following John Wick.

With creative kills like the music being stopped by smashing the DJ's head into the speaker, this film just needed to get MESSIER!
Every blood splatter seem to be shot against the same wall. Entrails should've been flying with every hit! By the end our protagonist should have been drenched in blood.

I'm guessing you didn't want to ruin your house. But to that I say, find a fake blood recipe with a detergent base (washes easily) or find a location that can be ruined. Maybe the bulk of the party was happening in the back yard.

Surprisingly, I like this. And, what's more made by some ex-Middleton people if I'm not mistaken. As Luke mentioned above "one man against an army" set at a party where the neighbour has had enough. Cool concept and we get some creative kills! The fights are probably just a touch too telegraphed though and needed to be just a touch quicker either in practical effect or speeding the footage up just enough. And, yeah blood. He pulverizes a couple of faces - absolutely pulverizes and zero blood! A bit dark in places and some uneven editing but a whole heap of fun. After quite a few years The Mad Scientists 2014 kill spree "One Man Army" has some competition!

Nice work!

Really fun movie that really goes for stylistic flair to mixed results.
Conceptually, there's nothing wrong here; I think with enough time, and some more technical equipment, this would be a super solid entry.

What I liked:
Super funny opening scene where he just doesn't stop punching the guy.

What I didn't like:
I really enjoy your team's love of violence and action - I think next year you need to find a way to pair this thing you excel at with a compelling story or idea - you have the moviemaking chops to make memorable ultra violent films, the way to make them stand out is by making us care about the characters.

Something else I liked:
Sort of already said this, but I love how clear it is from your films that you're big fans of John Wick movies hahahah - taking inspiration is so great and awesome to see in the competition. Keep making it your own.

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