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by The Cant Shack


How the hell did this make the short list??

You know how a team often gives you a wink and a nod that their film is satire? If the 'Getit Images' didn't give the game away, then the fireworks metaphor for putting a baby inside someone surely should have. Deliciously funny sendup of meme culture told in a bizarre style reminiscent of GREENER GRASS, yet still some straight up poignant things to say about how we can feel invisible until the right person comes along to fulfil our lives.

But we always want more, and that dream nuclear family for many is not complete until a child enters the fray. The Cant Shack plays this to the extreme, with a low sperm count lead whose balls may as well be water balloons because of the despair it causes him.

But all is well that ends well, and in spite of its ridiculous concept that pokes fun at the elements of this competition, the decision over whether to reveal a truth or be the hero that they need by keeping a secret and living a happy life is done brilliantly as satire here.

Technically some of the film was rough, but that was part of the charm. The watermark gag might annoy some, but the camera was steady, edit was smooth, sound was audible, characters were clearly defined and we had a solid subversive story arc. Hard to complain!

Story: 3.5/5
Technical: 2.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

Oh gawd I forgot the animated lips! Took it to the next level for strangeness in a good way!

In a competition that's usually won and lost on content, it's a thrill to see a team take a chance on form, and that's exactly what Cant Shack did with this one-of-a-kind entry.

I honestly can't remember much about the story - apart from it being an amusing tale of impotence and relationships - but I don't remember thinking it was particularly bad. Where S I S (I don't know why it's not just openly titled Spermless In Seattle, but then it's a weird decision in keeping with the rest of the film) absolutely fucking rips is in its filmmaking technique and bizarre sense of vision.

Built to look like it's made entirely out of stock footage (some of it genuinely is, while most of the footage I assume was shot for the competition), S I S is a truly strange viewing experience, keeping the audience guessing as to how it's put together, and frankly, why it's put together that way. Steelpotato's GREENER GRASS reference is on point, but this particular brand of surreality feels more like a Chris Morris sketch or an Adult Swim special to me; whatever your reference point, it's fucking funny in a deliciously uncomfortable way.

Hard to judge on the same criteria as the rest of the entries, because in some respects it isn't even playing the same sport, but it's one of my favourites from this year and I hope it gets to bamboozle a full house at the finals. If this team united with Toot Toot they'd break the fabric of the universe.

In a competition were generic and safe (if we're being completely, completely honest) really does consistently win the day, The Cant Shack's "S I S" is a fantastic point-of-difference. The blurred lines between what is stock-footage and what isn't really does mess with your mind. And the clever thing is that despite the stock footage we still get a coherent story with a "well-played" ending. The narration probably is a cop-out but the reality is, what else could you do aside from more superimposed lips?

The humour is well and truly nailed in this and the short-run time is perfect. Replay value is extremely high.

My only fear is that the success of this short will encourage others to emulate your style and flood the market with inferior product!

Overall, really well done! And honestly, you should have made the CHCH finals.

This is my kind of humour!

The fact that (I'm assuming) you pulled the majority of that together with stock footage is fantastic. The mouthing part - hilarious! The story itself was crack up and worked for the way my humour works - so thank you!

Obviously there was a watermark in the middle which was annoying - but meh. The story flowed well, but I felt it sped up rather quickly in the second half - but meh.

If I could, I would use stock images to fill in this comment section - but I can't lol

Great film team!

I'm reviewing your film!

Well it finally happened. Ever since stock footage was given the okay to use in 2017, legend has foretold of a film made up on entirely stock footage, and this year the prophesy was fulfilled!

S I S is a hilarious experiment in editing and storytelling, and while the story itself isn't particularly mind blowing, it does facilitate the crazy and hilarious gags through out the film.

Similar to DOOM COMES TO MARS-TOWN, if I were the sole judge, I'd have probably put this in the finals, but perhaps in the end it comes down to more earnestly told stories striking more of a chord with the judging panel.

Still, I feel very privileged to have finally seen the fabled stock footage film. I feel like I can die happy now.

Things you got right: An interesting experiment which IMO paid off big time

Things to work on for next time: Uhhh.. a film which re-edits a public domain film into a new story??

THIS IS IT!!! So good. So many fun moments. To me this is the type of film I want to see in the film festival. Something bonkers but coherent and clearly fun to make. Hilarious!!!

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