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Spicing Things Up

by Not the Early Birds


A story of two elderly men taking lots of shits. Enormous missed opportunity IMHO not adding in loud wet hot farting sounds every time they went to the toilet but the person next to me was in stitches so maybe it wasn’t necessary.


Im about halfway to you guys and I experience that same thing,

This was so heatwarming, funny and good old fashion humour. There were a few akward edits and sound disparities but didnt pull me away from enjoying the adventure of the two lovely pair.

I'll learn not to get the chilli beans again,


RS Productions

Such a fun film. Another that I wish I got to see at the heats. A 10/10 for me

While the pace didn't FLOW as much as I would have liked, it was great to see these character PLOPped into such a difficult scenario.
Seeing the look on their FAECES when they realize what's going on SCATtered a smile on my face.
I would POOt this film amongst my favorites this year.

What I liked:
A film that looks like it would have been a lot of fun to make - I can tell you're enjoying yourselves and that enjoyment is infectious.

What I didn't like:
I think we could have gone higher stakes with the story - put these guys in even more inconvenient places where they need to shit!

Something else I liked:
Queer lovers on the run!

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