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Never Ever say Never Ever Ever Again

by Mad Scientists

A former down on his luck spy has a chance at redemption after his favourite casino is under threat by a team of international terrorists.


Killer team intro and fun kills.

Much-needed showcase for elderly actors doing action roles a la Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. This is a Bond parody that kicks off with an inspired replica of the iconic GoldenEye teaser and also includes sped-up footage of hands shuffling cards that tickled my funny bone. Better than Quantum of Solace both technically and creatively and it was only made in 48 hours I understand.

Mad Scientists you've done it again!! Easily your best work yet, and i loved the team intro. Slightly confused about the space this was filmed in (was this a house, or a hotel, or a casino?) but I was extremely entertained the whole time. I would love to see this up on the big screen at city finals!!

The intro was so good!
looks like you guys had a lotta fun too. The set design and the cast were good, loved the outfits too.
Looks like a mix of inspired action movies rolled up into one.

thoroughly enjoyed this one... this is what inspiration looks like for people to make baddass characters and an awesome set.

well done team Mad Scientists


RS Productions

Mad Scientist films are so distinctive in CHCH - the style doesn't really change,; guns and action. That said, this short is probably a bit slower paced than normal - more dialogue, more scenes, more story. This Bond tribute has a stellar cast and a cool soundtrack. It has its own aesthetic which has a classy feel to it. However, at times, the sync seems a bit out and the edit does feel that there was a much longer film here that needed some trimming to meet the 5 minutes. Once again a huge effort from Jullian and the team with this short - he never fails to deliver just the type of film he loves making. Well done on making the short-list too.

What I liked:
Mad Scientists have developed a lot over the years, and one thing I think is really strong about this film is a lot of the stuff like camerawork, audio and the directing have improved SO much. I'd say the location was great too but ya'll having been killing it with locations since you began.

What I didn't like:
All of this does make me wonder though - do the Mad Scientists need to go in a refreshing new direction next year? You should make films about what you love, and clearly what you love is guns, action and cheesy one-liners, but I wonder if there is a way to preserve that love with a different style or approach. I think it's time you guys started experimenting with new ideas.

Something else I liked:
I do love that virtually all the Christchurch actors of a certain age seem to have been hogged by this film in particular - And it's a great showcase of their skills.

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