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Going Solo

by Rabid Aunty Jean


An easy favourite from the competition so far… Similar vibes to “A Familiar Feeling” from 2019, but not in a derivative way - both are just great stories of two similar people meeting at a bar. Shot really nicely, sounds great. and with great use of costume and hairstyling to define the two characters. I also think my favourite use of the multiverse genre that I’ve seen.

When thinking about it the shit gag doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s set up really well and pays off excellently with the whole mint thing, so I can run with it as that’s just how universe jumping works in this particular multiverse.

Loved everything about this. I remember especially liking how well it was shot and lit. The acting was solid! Felt like it could have been plucked right out of Rick and Morty (in the best way) And I love a good crude ending. Laughed my ass off.
Maybe my only "criticism" is that it did FEEL like some other 48 hour films I have seen in the past, but its so well made that I can overlook that aspect. This film was mint. Certified Fresh

Story felt generic but pleasant on my eyes to watch, regarding cinematography and editing.
Overall 6/10

Simple and fresh. Main actor did an amazing job just on his own. Writing was fitting and the lead up to the reveal using the mints was genius! Had me laughing all the way through, awesome film

This is the sort of 48HR film that is a real crowd-pleaser. It ticks off a lot of boxes - slick technical skills, quirky actor and uncomfortable humour.

As mentioned above it does have the vibe of "Familiar Feeling" but the difference with that film was how it moved beyond the bar and expanded the world, giving more breadth to the film. "Going Solo" is far more self-contained, not expanding beyond the single location (yes there's a bathroom scene) and that works just fine. It's well-written and the set-up for the ending is nicely handled in a rule-of-three kind of way. Having said that - the ending is a rather low-brow cop-out - a literal shit ending. And do the rules of a universe also apply to someone, not from that universe? That is my puzzling question.

I expect "Going Solo" to do well and make the CHCH final. It's the sort of film that just does! Nice work!

Really tight in every way. Great performances from the actor, slick script, good laughs. Well finished. Goes to show that simplicity, when done well, could clean up the Christchurch final.

Hard to fault in any way. Great performance and with clear mastery behind the camera, editing and sound capture. A very solid short film with an funny gross out ending that feels right at home in this comp. The people behind this are onto a winning formula.

An incredibly slick looking comedy with an awesome performance at it's center.

I think smaller teams could learn a lot from GOING SOLO, especially in its lean story structure. Remember teams, there's nothing wrong with your film being a set up to a punchline, and if the punchline is good enough, you could even win!

Deserving of the city win - everything in this film really is 10/10. It looks gorgeous, it sounds perfect, the editing invisibly does a lot of the world buidling, and the story doesn't overstay it's welcome.

Aaron does a fantastic job playing off himself, where he plays two versions of the same guy with uncomfortably good chemistry with himself, and playing two very distinct versions. I especially loved the little montage with the love song playing - its borderline emotional. I also loved the reserved moments of insatiable lust we get glimpses of as these two multiverse selves undress each other with their eyes.

I've heard a few interesting critiques of this film - some pointing out that it doesn't feel right that you'd adopt another universe's unique qualities when traveling there (eg. if you travel to poop out your mouth universe, you'll poop out your mouth yourself) - but I think this could have been fixed with a smaller instance happening towards the beginning, perhaps there's some other physcal inconsistency the traveling Aaron notices happening to him?

My bigger note would be, and I'm sorry to take it here, but GOING SOLO is shockingly similar to Rabid Auntie Jean's co-director's previous Chch city winner A FAMILIAR FEELING (Two lovers meet at a bar who have some kind of incestuous connection, ultimately ending in some kind of awkward road block). It's hard, because maybe the film shouldn't be judged this way (and clearly it wasn't), but I do wonder if the filmmakers could have embraced more of a challenge here instead of replicating previous success. This brings me to...

Challenge for next year: Embrace more challenge! I think you've shown you can create an incredible film mostly set in doors, so show me what you're able to pull off mostly outdoors! Take me on a journey from point A to point B. Or don't. Do what you want!

Who cares if this film is similar to the winner from a few years ago. Every film is similar to other films in some way or the other.
The things that makes films like this so enjoyable are the differences and small details. The Hilarious posters about the mints and how it tied it self up in a perfect wee twist, which was set-up out but bet no-one saw coming was great.
Cant wait to watch the film again. And I bet everyone who watched this film was swept up in the journey just like I was, enjoying every minute until that final scene:)
Great cinematography- great acting - great script. BOOM

For some reason this film gave some Rick and Morty Vibes - don't ask me why - but its quite apt as R+M is heavily multiverse. so bravo:)
A fun film which will have you cracking up... even if you're sitting at home alone watching it... eating 3 day old pizza... in your underwear... surrounded by cats...

Totally not speaking from experience.

Superb film

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