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Somebody Someone Creativesmith

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The Immortal

Desert Walk


Last Christmas

Beautiful grading and cinematography. Acting was great, specially from the lead Santa. I feel like the ending story point perhaps wrapped to quickly but this may of been an indication of the 5min maximum run time which has hurt a lot of teams. Surely one for the finals and a few noms in the technical categories. Well done Little Old Lady Productions.

Not Again

I couldn't help but grin as soon as the lead actor popped up. Alex Jones is a welcome face on the acting pantheon of ChCh 48hours. The combination of constant panic and enjoying himself protruded from his performance. I would expect a wee nod for his skills here. Like everyone, I loved the use of practical effects with the aliens. Also the hallway tracking shot was a nice little extra bit of production value for the 48hours. Location, location, location. Effort has gone into this and it has only helped your film. The only thing which was the gripe for me was indeed the use of sound. It was a nice 4th wall nod alluding that it would be an annoying element this year, however. My favourite entry of Les Cousins so far and you guys have made some goodies. Well done!

The Immortal

Hello all. Unfortunately since we were a bit late! We are out. Since the film wont be in competition, its likely to see less viewers. Would really appreciate some reviews and feedback if you can. Cheers.