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Not Again

by Les Cousins Dangereux 525 views


Some wonderful eyebrow and facial expressions on the lead actor, NZ's answer to Jeremy Piven. Incredible location shots! The plot was the weakest link, because the rest was all such high caliber. Liked the understated effects for the abductions and aliens. Fantastic silhouette work for the 2nd abduction

Default Avatar KJ

I LOVE YOU GUYS!! You really set the exemplary standard of what a 48 hour film should be. Great funny/mysterious/tense plot. Made me laugh my ass off. Also from a technical stand-point the visuals and sound were all spot on! Well done. P.S - Love your enthusiasm at the heats haha.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Synopsis above tells you everything about this amusing, well-constructed short that ticks a whole heap of expected 48HR boxes. And that might be it's weakness as it plays it relatively safe whilst offering an over-reliance on some somewhat corny dialogue ("I need to rectify my rectum") and linked to this, anal gags. Great location, cool alien abduction and technically top notch. The highlight for me is AJ's acting. He has the advantage of having an interesting face and he uses it to his advantage to really sell his anxiety in an effective, comedic way. Should find its way into the CHCH finals as it really is the type of thing you see there. If not, AJ should be up for an acting award. He's brilliant.

Default Avatar KyleeA

Really enjoyed this. The lead portrayed the character so well and had strong commitment which makes me think how cold & breezy it could of been on location. There were suspenseful moments. The sound & editing were great.

Funny, well made, well written, just a really strong 48hours film over all. Great use of Genre, impressive location and production design. Well shot, directed, acted. Everyone involved should be supremely proud of this film. The Doctor/Nurse bit in the middle of the film is fantastic. The pace of the film also is excellent. My enthusisiam for this film softens slightly at the ending, personally i find the use of sound effect to be a cop out, but that’s when you consider this film in the context of the comp, and as i like to say the best 48hours films stand up totally outside of the comp, which this film does, so in that sense the sound effect is used quite cleverly within the script. Also the selfaware joke about how you’re probably sick of this sound effect felt cheep, this film was better than that, but it also works in the context of the film. So thats probably just my problem. The lead actor does a great job, the character is so so watchable and funny, his energy, fear, panic and instance that he hasnt stuck something up his butt is funny, although it starts to verge into gay panic teritory. What this team has pulled off in 48hours is extremly strong accross the board. ‘Not Again’ is my safe pick for Christchurch City Winner. (So its a city finalist for sure) I say ‘safe pick’ because its a typical 48hours films in many ways, it’s pure comedy. I wish that Les Cousins had had the full 7 minutes of years gone past to let this film breathe, i think my niggles with the ending stem from the whole thing wrapping up very quickly.

I couldn't help but grin as soon as the lead actor popped up. Alex Jones is a welcome face on the acting pantheon of ChCh 48hours. The combination of constant panic and enjoying himself protruded from his performance. I would expect a wee nod for his skills here. Like everyone, I loved the use of practical effects with the aliens. Also the hallway tracking shot was a nice little extra bit of production value for the 48hours. Location, location, location. Effort has gone into this and it has only helped your film. The only thing which was the gripe for me was indeed the use of sound. It was a nice 4th wall nod alluding that it would be an annoying element this year, however. My favourite entry of Les Cousins so far and you guys have made some goodies. Well done!

Default Avatar mark_marchand

A favourite of mine from heat 3. Great acting, cinematography, edit, sound and script. Lots of laugh moments and a pretty strong concept that worked well for the format of this comp. Well done!

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A well written comedic alien movie, with some great sets good lighting and cinematography a definite finalist

Default Avatar The Guy Who Reviews Movies On The Internet

"It's time to rectify my rectum."

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