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Last Christmas

by Little Old Lady Productions 125 views


Beautiful camera & sound & acting Wilhelm scream felt a bit forced Nice comic relief with the other 2 Santas.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A look at what happened to a trio of Santa Claus' when they were made redundant. So, mockumentary is a choice in the 48 but one fraught with the danger of being ho-hum. No doubt that this short looked good, with nice lighting, sound, editing and shot composition that you'd expect with the mockumentary style. I couldn't help but think that your original plan was to focus on just the one Santa which might have made a more interesting story had you not in my mind abandoned it. For the sake of variety, a couple of other Santas are shoe-horned in other locations but their characters are so stereotypical (one infers he's a pedophile for example) that it feels rather forced. Good solid, safe work that misses the mark.

Default Avatar KJ

Great cinematography, concerning the colour, lighting and comp. The audio also compliment this. The story however felt a little unfulfilling as I felt as if it could have given a bit more. Great comedic refile and acting though! Well done you guys!!

Nice high quality images. Obviously there is some hi-tech gear involved with this team! Not quite sure what the deal was with multiple Santas; some of the interviews I found a bit cringy and jokes forced a bit. It would have been great to see more special effects near the end, even if they were subtle.

Beautifully made. Obviously there was more to the story that couldn't fit in the 5 minute format but enjoyable to watch and hints at more.

beautifully shot, well acted. But kinda limited in its overall scope, In my book you have to have a really strong idea to justify doing mocumentry. And i’m not sure this idea was strong enough. Perhaps if the main santa had been the only santa the film could have develped more of a strory, i have in my notes that the ending was Abrupt and unsatasfactory.

Beautiful grading and cinematography. Acting was great, specially from the lead Santa. I feel like the ending story point perhaps wrapped to quickly but this may of been an indication of the 5min maximum run time which has hurt a lot of teams. Surely one for the finals and a few noms in the technical categories. Well done Little Old Lady Productions.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

Due to the actions of some Santas Christmas has been cancelled forever, this mockumentary interviews Santas about what went wrong. the film was well shot with a good smash cut

Some great stuff here. Maybe it should get the risk award for having the balls to do a Mockumentary in 48hours 2017? :P I kid I kid. I loved the all-too-relatable BTS drama from the film crew and the Soundy with his phone not on silent. The main Santa was great too, very nuanced performance and very deserving of the best actor award.

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