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Type40 Films


Last Christmas

Beautifully made. Obviously there was more to the story that couldn't fit in the 5 minute format but enjoyable to watch and hints at more.

The Spares

Very enjoyable - some tongue in cheek jokes, neat characterisation and ending that obviously took many by surprise.

Duck Off!

Um, wow. Energetic, and engaging. Confusing yes, but some laugh out loud. Wtf moments too.

Split Sibling Decision

Great (if predictable) intro. Didn't 'get' the concept at first and sound needed some work but concept is great and certainly met the brief.


Some obvious technical issues but strong ideas.


Very effective, nice filming of the 2nd character, and definitely hit the right vein of pathos. Would have loved to see the story develop more but 5 min....

Potem Immortales

Really funny watch. Setting was great and musical element hilarious!

Cushy: A Pull Story

Really enjoyable, great scenes in the life of the couch, some really funny stuff in party scenes. Good idea on how to use the genre. Not sure if character at end was supposed to be girl from start but cute idea.

PC High

Funny, well made, developed story and good format.


I enjoyed that!

Twenty Four Hour Rewind

Great premise and good execution. Great ending.

The Wish (hopefully nobody else picked that title)

Funny as heck, great cutaways though second the comment about production value at times.

An Appointment with a Poo

Great idea and dialogue, very funny

The Marquis de Sade

Disturbing in at least some of the right ways! Interesting idea and some neat execution but hoping for a slightly stronger story arc I guess.