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Some obvious technical issues but strong ideas.

A guy wakes up, after presumably having died, and wanders home. Along the way he realises who he is (and maybe what happened?) and tries to call someone. Arriving home, he meets a mysterious figure, perhaps the spectre of death, who he then tries to flee from. Finally, I think we see the main character wake up - was it all a dream? A premonition? Is death still stalking him? Okay, so I'll admit, the title of this film was also how I felt for much of its runtime. Of course, the technical issues, especially a significant offset of picture and sound for the back half of the movie, didn't help matters (although it did contribute to a bit of unintended comedy along the way!). I guess without knowing who this person was, it was ultimately hard to care about where they were going. Perhaps for next time, I'd say focus a bit more on characterisation, finding something interesting or idiosyncratic about your lead character(s) that can help we the audience to get invested in them. But there were some good ideas in here (looking in the puddle to see his reflection and realise who he was, for instance), and in places the mood setting was effective, especially early on in the film.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy is murdered, comes back. Is confusing. All a bit unclear and rife with technical problems which doesn't help with comprehension. It was a strange place to insert you competition title card too. Some of the effects inside the house did work well but sadly that was the only highlight.

well, as the title points out, I was pretty confused! Chances are you guys were maybe a bit rushed to get it in on time, understandable, but always remember to flick through your rendered product before you leave the house to make sure there's nothing crazy like audio 3 seconds out of sync. That's all I'll say as previous reviewers have already covered the rest, hope you guys are able to nail those glitches next year!

As mentioned before this film was heavily hampered by technical issues. We've all been there on some level so well done on getting the film in on time rather than missing the hand in all together. Story wise though it was tough to follow your concept at times but the most noticeable flaw in the story was not having enough time to learn who this character is and why we should care about them before they meet their demise. I think you showed some good potential for trying to create drama and tension in your second half. Albeit the edit not quite making it clear what your ending was. But keep it up and next time just think about giving your character 15-30% of your movie time learning who they are and why we should care about them before throwing them into their adventure.

Remember guys, the out-of-sync nature of the film is part of the charm of 48Hours, and when people laugh, it's out of comradery and catharsis, there's no venom behind it. A lot of potential for this team nonetheless, you really achieved quite a spooky tone so I'll be interested to see what you throw us next year. As for your title, well "Confused" really hits home.

Tech issues aside - it was still an entertaining film to watch and had us engaged in it even though it probably wasn't for the reasons you planned.

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