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Duck Off!

by Zucc Heywood 105 views


Um, wow. Energetic, and engaging. Confusing yes, but some laugh out loud. Wtf moments too.

As above. I can't think properly after I think about what I saw and I've seen some stuff. My favourite parts were the car smashing bits. In 2006 it was my 2nd time in the competition- I was with Gorilla Pictures and we had a car parking nazi flip an actual car upside-down. Rubix Dude and Wheelchair Mania! It made the CHCH Finals and picked up several awards. In your short, I was hoping for more to do with the car smashing in the narrative, rather than just a randomness. I think most audience members were expected to just go with it. Gave me a bit of a headache and the whole duck thing being stolen and retrieved didn't make sense to me- maybe I missed key information due to numerous on screen distractions! Love the energy and dedication to characters though. I would like to see what would happen if your team had an arsenal of miniguns.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Two guys go on a quest to obtain the Ancient Duck. Easily the most strange/bizarre/effed up film in CHCH this year. Mad, intense, insane and random. Needs to be experienced. Great commitment to the cause from the cast. "We need to get the duck, Chad." I might just put that on a t-shirt.

If MistaTeas ends up putting that on a shirt I'll take 50. I think I said this for another team similar to yours, don't ever change. For this competition to be fresh and exciting and enjoyable we need teams like yours that are willing to go the extra mile in 'Not giving any f***s whatsoever'. One day I myself hope to get an opportunity to do what you've done. I'm proud of you, and can't wait to see this film again.

Default Avatar Kawiti Naitoro

One of the funniest films I've ever seen in the 48Hours competition going back to 2011. Who ever came up with the idea to have a chad and a beta working together deserves a gift basket. The delivery was hilarious and the gags in this film are some of the funniest. Having the chad throw someone up two stories through a window had me in tears and was even funnier the second and third time. Loved the dance off - was one of them doing a wanking dance move? Loved it guys. I think a lot of people in that heat realized that although their films might do better in the competition they don't really take any risks or have nearly as much fun as you did. My favourite of the night.

What even happened? I’m not too sure. But it was funny as hell. Keep up that humour and work on condensing it into a thought provoking, tear inducing story... or y’know, do whatever the hell you like.

Words........ Trying to find words to describe this. LOL This was a hell of a way to end the bloodbath of heat 9. It put a big giant WTF on the end of that night and it still has me reeling. Who am I? Who is Chad? Why is there a duck? Why does he have no pants on?!!! In all seriousness it looks like you guys had a lot of fun and Im not gonna lie I had quite a few laughs. (throwing him up through a two story window was amazing!) But perhaps check out some of the teams like Mad Scientists or even the awesome Crab Crab Crab to see some ways to take your amazing energy and craziness and wrap it up in a slightly tighter package.

Absolutely hysterical. Very cathartic for this to be one of the last films we got to watch for the entire Christchurch competition. I love how much you guys don't care. A film like this is a touch too low fi to make the finals, but at the same time there's not much I would change about it. Loved how you straight up smashed a car, love the 'throwing' effects, loved the text messages and the near-kiss, and most of all I loved the quick "My namea jeff" you snuck in there. Fantastic stuff team, I eagerly await your film next year. You guys and "Aaron's Anal Lube Vacation" are ruling the "we don't give a shit and that's why our films are good" category. As for your title, "Duck Off!"... sure, it's great.

Thanks for the belly laughs, really enjoyable film.

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