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Potem Immortales

by Squire Films 163 views


I really enjoyed the quick pacing, with shots particularly at the start and more throughout cut in time to the music. Also: -Fun costumes, also used well for ending. -Security guard's teethy expressions (Kind of reminds me of Brick Top a bit from Snatch). -Hostages dancing along. -Cool use of location and facilities. -Blood on the shirt! What else I would have liked to see: The shadow shot with the sword was cool, although I would have liked to se perhaps a splatter of blood on the wall to drive it home, and I felt the fight scenes needed a bit more choreography. Tough to accomplish in 48hours! A solid 5/7 miniguns.

Really funny watch. Setting was great and musical element hilarious!

While you never know what each new year of 48HOURS will bring, pretty much the closest thing to a certainty that we have is that Musical will be a genre. And so I'm always curious to see how various teams cope with the challenge. In Squire's case, the solution was to keep it really simple, and keep it really silly - both choices I think played well in their favour. The opening song by the security guard took a while to get used to the style of, both in its hammy delivery and the choice to have the character directly address the camera. Then our band of heisting misfits came along, disguised in animal masks, and overpowered (and seemingly mortally wounded) the guard. Things then got a bit funky, with a disco track underscoring most of the rest of the film. Keeping the masks on was a clever decision to avoid having to sync singing with lips in the edit. The heist itself was played very silly, and even the scientists being held prisoner on their knees couldn't help but groove along to the music. The still-very-alive guard reappeared for a Benny Hill-esque corridor chase, before cornering the masked gang, which led to a final fun twist which probably made about as much sense as the rest of the film, but landed well in the moment anyway. Some of the musical numbers went on a bit, or were a bit repetitive, but I think the choice of backing track, that disco groove, was a great one, since I found I was bopping along and hence was more forgiving of flaws. Part of me wishes we could have gotten to know at least one member of the gang sans mask, to inject more personality into that team. That said, the unmasking in the car at the end was a nice moment. Just reflecting on the title of the film, which was also the name of the substance they were stealing - some sort of drug that gave one immortality, perhaps? And if so, does that mean that the security guard had already taken it? If so, that's probably a twist that could have done with a clearer storytelling beat to reveal it. All in all this isn't a complex story, nor is it trying to be. A few rough edges, but it's mostly just silly fun.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

The story of a gang committing a heist and the security guard trying to stop them. With songs like "I'm a Guard" & "We are here, here we are". this was always going to be an on-the-nose, simple but effective musical. The best thing is that you didn't wimp out and really went for it. I always love seeing your acting playing the guard - such an interesting face and delivery. If you ever decide to go 100% dark/serious he'll be a great asset. Nice masks and technically pretty solid. The audience also enjoyed this so great work once more Squire Films.

Default Avatar greywacke

You must have had an absolute blast making this film!!!!! A real crowd pleaser with lots of laughs coming from the audience. The choice of masks which really popped on the screen worked so well with the heist genre. Some hilarious “Scooby-Doo” hallway chase scenes and the captured scientists bopping along were both highlights. Great job!

It's already been said, but I also wanted to say how much I appreciate musicals that really go for it in terms of making it MUSICAL. Even if you end up looking pretty silly, it's far more entertaining to see a team dedicate themselves to the genre which you guys clearly did and I'm so glad you did. Nice job!

First of all, I applaud your commitment to the musical. Always a tough genre (yet to have it ourselves yikes) But you did a really great job at having fun with this and setting a tone that was light and silly. This gave it a lot of leeway for its overarching story. The story itself was very simple and you executed that well. I enjoyed it a lot. If you guys can harness this level of fun with a concept that is very clever and unique next year you would have an amazing finals worthy film. As it is its probably not a finals film this year but well done and keep it up guys.

So funny. Took the genre and made it yours.

Musical is always an extra layer of challenge, but you guys look like you had fun with it! I liked the jazz hands on the scientists in the lab, and the chase scene was just the right kind of comical. Some SFX in the fight scene on top of the music may have heightened the impact of that scene which was the climax of the film, as well as switching to a different mood of music for that part to break it up a bit from the rest of the film? Nice twist at the end, although a touch confusing since the silhouette was recognisable, but most probably wouldn't notice that on the first watch so it was still effective. Nice work :)

A mostly fun ride, but could possibly just do with a bit of a stronger structure and a more clear story. ie. What exactly are the characters’ goals and motivations? Certainly a step up from last year, and I think the first musical I’ve seen this year which is actually a musical, so thumbs up for that!

Once again, this film came very close to the short list. The songs were great, the choreography of the dancing really added to the film and its heightened reality where even when you're held hostage you can still dance to the music. Over all, I feel the story of the film is a little undercooked, and maybe it can be when you get musical, but it would have been nice to see more developments happening, and the reveal that the guard is wearing the mask at the end would have been aided by seeing him survive his attack and apprehending the original mask wearer as well. Also, surely they can still all defeat him again? Technically a lot works in this film too, it would have been cool to see a bit more framing and care in the cinematography to honour the wonderful location. As for your title, "Potem Immortales" is the perfect thing to call this, I can't imagine what else you could have called it.

This film was so much fun, and you really took the musical genre and ran with it. I was incredibly impressed by the location you filmed at, it looked incredible. Acting was appropriately over the top, especially from the guard, and really carried the film along. I can't imagine how hard it is to write and record three or so songs in under 48 hours. The masks were a really cool too, and work well as part of the motif for the film . As has been pointed out already, the cinematography was a bit hit-and-miss, with some shots being very well executed while others fell a bit flat. It appeared like it was shot on a phone too; one specific detail I would've changed is that it would probably have been better to focus on the gun when it was pulled, and not the person pulling it. But of course phones don't pull focus too well. Overall this was an incredibly quirky and fun film (with a great title of course) that is very enjoyable.

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