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Split Sibling Decision

by Free Chicken 750 views


Best cinematography of the night imo. The voices in his head were a little bit hard to hear.

Default Avatar KJ

WOW!! Cinematography and sound was perfect! An intriguing story with a very well done climactic end. Probably the best film of the night!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A sibling faces the dilemma of whether or not to save his asshole brother. The team intro here had people jumping despite it being a direct copy of the oldest jump scare on the internet. Nice job though - I knew it was coming but it still got a slight flinch out of me. The film itself was very pretty looking and the work of someone keenly invested in cinematography. Stylish, well acted, graded and edited. For me the mystical journey sequence cheapened the deal and removed me from what was a quiet serious short to something out of the early years of Wellington's Moffilade or even CHCH's The Otter. Given the team comment then Cloud Atlas also comes to mind. I have to judge it to by my care factor for the characters which I was left rather ambivalent to. The title is awful too. A contender for the finals and further evidence that ARA NZ Broadcasting School is doing a grand job.

Default Avatar KyleeA

Amazing cinematography. Great acting all round. A little soft on sound in places but overall really goood job.

Default Avatar 49Hours

A near-perfect 48 Hour attempt. Professional cinematography, sound mix and stellar performances.

Great (if predictable) intro. Didn't 'get' the concept at first and sound needed some work but concept is great and certainly met the brief.

Default Avatar slumdogthrill

A cut above the rest. Great professional work coming from another ARA team!

Bold and strong as hell. Extremely well made, well shot, tightly and expertly edited. Strong peformances and cleraly a stable hands at work behind the film I’m not sure i can really comment on the ‘story’ untill i’ve had a chance to rewatch it, but then this isn’t really that kind of film, its more about an emotional gut responce. Extra points just for making a 48hours film that dosen’t trade in comedy on any level. Probably the most purely artistic film in Christchurch this year. City Finalist without a doubt.

Default Avatar mark_marchand

Really nice cinematography and paced really well in the edit. Sound was pretty good across the board. Just a few moments where it was hard to hear what was going on. Great effort from everyone involved.

Default Avatar Cobbamoor

The colour and costumes in this film were nice. The story was alright, they had the right idea taking a very simple concept and exploring it instead of squishing content in but maybe went a little too far and was slightly slow and anti-climatic. Maybe I was put in a fast paced mode by the other films expecting it to be squished. Overall nice film.

Default Avatar J frog enterprises

A well shot movie which follows a fight siblings in three different times, places or universes, I hope to see it again at the finals but not sure how the judges will mark the very minor female character

SPLIT SIBLING DECISION is what happens when you smash together several very talented fimmakers with great synergy and teamwork. The rare 48hours drama- while not something I'm brave enough to tackle- is pulled off here with probably the highest level of success a team can hope for. The make-up for the last timeline was great, and the cinematography and editing really helped create what could be a confusing concept easily clear. If a less experienced team had tried to pull this off, I'd doubt they'd have even made the finals. So well done Free Chicken for achieving a seemingly impossible task. I'll throw in one thought here regarding MistaTeas's comment about SPLIT SIBLING DECISION being an awful name- I tend to agree, especially since the whole film is quite serious in tone, having what is essentially a pun (and not even really a clear one) as a title seems kind of a cheesy choice. But hey, you guys still took home the big prize as well as several others, so I have to fault you on something ;) A great film from a great team.

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