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Twenty Four Hour Rewind

by Wishful Thinking Productions 71 views


Great premise and good execution. Great ending.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A guy keeps messing up a marriage proposal so visits a company that offers a 24hr rewind. I made a film in 2010 called "The Replaya" that used a similar loop-hole of going back in time a short while to try and gain an advantage so I enjoyed your take on this. Good moments of humour, well acted and a nice reveal at the end. I felt the "going back" moments perhaps went a few too many and you lost some continuity when your background actors disappeared in a few shots. Well received by the audience so good job!

Montages make me happy and you guys had a great montage, showing the passing of time for the lead and allowing us all to experience a little bit of his frustration while laughing along the way. Look forward to seeing more from you guys in years to come.

Good idea that they pulled off well, Many moments of really high quality comedy Strong logical ending too.

Of all the Groundhog Day style films to come out of the competition this year, this film is the only one to have nailed it, due to the well structured story, convincing performances, and solid editing. Great to see an improvement from last year and I hope to see you go further in the future.

This was an excellent movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Fantastic concept although it was very close in story to the national winner from 2016 Time Travel Centre. I thought you guys did an excellent job at executing this idea. I've done time travel stories twice in this comp and Im going to try hard not to pick at any of the time travel paradoxes as this is the same for every time travel movie. People start to say "Hey that wouldn't work because blah blah x y z and parallel timelines blah blah" But all time travel movies don't work because time travel ISN'T possible. Therefore you set the rules anytime your make a time travel movie about how your version of time travel works. So with that in mind you did a great job. I found myself disliking the girlfriend character more and more as the montage went on and I was half expecting that in the end he was going to learn a lesson from the time travel guy that if after all he has done she's still not that in to him then he should find someone else. But the gag at the end was very good and a solid payoff. I especially loved the time he went back in time just because he said a word wrong or something. That was brilliant. Overall a really good film and had to be close to the top 25. Well done.

A really good idea, with some great locations and super solid acting. I think, as is the problem with time travel, we did end up in the repetitive zone, and it all ended up feeling pretty futile. Still, a good story arc with a strong ending, and I look forward to seeing what this team does in the future. As for your title, "Twenty Four Hour Rewind" is a bit of a headscratcher, I get that it's kind of related to the plot, but I think you could have come up with something more creative.

I really enjoyed your movie. Lots of laugh out loud moments. The ending was fantastic.

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