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48HOURS Entries, 2022

National Winner

Big Questions

Mitchell's Here

National Runner Up

A Multitude of Ways to Leave your Lover

Child Support

National Runner Up

Love you stranger

Missing Pixels

City Winner

Oh Crap

RS Productions

City Winner

Daddy Daddy


City Winner

Going Solo

Rabid Aunty Jean

City Winner


Great Lake Film Society

Peter Jackson Wildcard

Mime Hunter

Lipstick Boys

National Finalist

A Glimpse of Sin

Squint Eastwood

National Finalist

Blood Pact

Sports Team

National Finalist


National Hero, Disqualified Tim

City Runner Up


Daiso Run

National Finalist

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Team Zego

National Finalist


Fix it in Production

City Runner Up


Angle3 Pictures

National Finalist

Red Flag

Apple Fork

National Finalist


chips cheese cats etc

City Runner Up

Ta Da

A Small Blob Of Ice Cream

National Finalist

The Talk

The Horny Owls

Recent reviews

Who cares if this film is similar to the winner from a few years ago. Every film is similar to other films in some way or the other.
The things that makes films like this so enjoyable are the differences and small details. The Hilarious posters about the mints and how it tied it self up in a perfect wee twist, which was set-up out but bet no-one saw coming was great.
Cant wait to watch the film again. And I bet everyone who watched this film was swept up in the journey just like I was, enjoying every minute until that final scene:)
Great cinematography- great acting - great script. BOOM

Loved this film so much. A struggle I'm pretty sure everyone can relate to executed in a hilarious fashion. A perfect blend of suspense techniques enhanced the comedy ridiculousness of the whole endeavour.

Our only complaint is we have to wait so long to watch it again.


For some reason this film gave some Rick and Morty Vibes - don't ask me why - but its quite apt as R+M is heavily multiverse. so bravo:)
A fun film which will have you cracking up... even if you're sitting at home alone watching it... eating 3 day old pizza... in your underwear... surrounded by cats...

Totally not speaking from experience.

Superb film

Umm what the actual...

a romp into a post apocalyptic submerged world........ W all around

tim and his team really leans into their strengths on this one. No-one can say that the effort and execution of the set wasn't topnotch.

great film, much cinematography, such production design

Possibly the best 48hours film there ever was or will be.

Severely disappointed to see this film take home the win. Yes, formally great, Ok. However, in times of climate emergency and severe ecological threat, the narrative of this film felt exceptionally naive. Again, we are seeing the age-old trope of individual change and micro-action (in this case, walking instead of driving to school) offer a cathartic solution to the enormous issues of climate change. I am not suggesting we abandon our duties to the planet, but many of us are sick of seeing moral messages that shove ecological responsibility onto those with minimal means to make any substantial difference.

The fact that soft-ecological-solution-porn takes the top prize for NZ’s largest film competition worries many of us. The judges, whether they like it or not, are cultural curators, determining the fate of filmmaking and the way political issues are advanced on-screen. Why are they rewarding the exact mediocre solutions the state has advanced for the last decade? Have we not learned that we need to do more than what this film advocates? Where are the radical filmmakers? Has this competition weened them out?

where can i find the movie i just read the timeline it seems interested thanks

Wow the movie is amazing, I enjoyed every part of it