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A Glimpse of Sin

by Squint Eastwood


Brilliant, as usual from Squint Eastwood ... felt like an episode of South Park. Had us laughing all the way through!

So now we are really talking business here, as one of the heavy hitters of the comp makes a very welcome appearance in 2022 with a 48 Hours full circle film set on the West Coast that has more than one "if you know you know" moment.

The funny thing is that for me personally Hokitika is a town that I hold near and dear to me, a regular stopping spot for many a year on visits to see my Grandma in Okarito, and despite the gold rush stopping well over 100 years ago, it has always maintained that feeling of a classic western town, hold the tumbleweeds and mind the local bullies of course.

Holy moly the inimitable humour came thick and fast here. The 'mule', the cigarette lighter, the direct homage to FISTFUL OF DOLLARS...and the local lawman and the margarine. Mother of gawd that was good.

To have it all wrapped around the actual Squint Eastwood, who can't see shit to the point that cars and bullets present more of a danger to himself than those who cross him, this genuinely just felt like the perfect genre landed in Sam Harris's lap.

Otherworldy visuals, absolutely top of the line voice acting and a script that was pitch perfect, hard for me to fault. Early days but I'd expect to see this at the pointy end of the comp. Perhaps elements could have been even more integral to the film? But still bloody well utilised. Thanks Sam! Loved it!

Story: 5/5
Technical: 4.5/5
Elements: 4/5
Overall: 5/5

Amazing! Such a fun watch. Voice acting was particularly excellent.

Wow the movie is amazing, I enjoyed every part of it

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