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Somebody Someone beckygc

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Loved this! The main actor was so natural and endearing, and it was a very sweet story. Would love to see more from this team!


Loved this film! Great acting, costume, set design. Felt like it would have fit well in the multiverse genre too.

A Glimpse of Sin

Brilliant, as usual from Squint Eastwood ... felt like an episode of South Park. Had us laughing all the way through!

Office Dispute

Loved the first half of this film -- great acting, editing, sound effects, and use of genre, it felt very Edgar Wright. Felt like the middle part lagged a bit and lost some of the magic, unfortunately.

Cop Out

Loved this! Thought at first it would get old quickly but each escalation was done well and it just kept getting better.

Fist Full of Mince

This one was fun! Loved the nods to traditional westerns in some of the shots. Solid beginning, middle and end. Well done!

Hold For Applause

An interesting take on comedy of errors, with a great twist at the very end (just when I was thinking the beginning didn't connect, it all came back around). Good work :-)

Utter Pranker

Your lead actress was great, she really carried the film and gave an honest and emotional performance. I loved the simplicity of the concept too - rather than some big impossible situation, it was a small relatable moment done well.

Red Flag

Apple Fork are always good to watch, but I think this is my favourite of theirs so far. Acting, locations, script, story were all tight with just the right tone to be sincere when it needed to be and funny when it needed to be. Awesome.

Ghoul's Night In

Such a great film! Your two lead actors were very endearing - the relationship between the ghoul and the little girl was played perfectly. The story was great, with some good laughs but also real stakes involved. I can definitely see this making it to the finals.

Student Exchange

This was so delightful to watch! Great story with a soundtrack that matches the mood perfectly, well animated and such a great little twist at the end right when you think they might swap back. Absolutely loved it - what a shame about being disqualified!

Soxalot's Kingdom

This was fun, very silly but totally leaned into it and pulled it off.

One Last Sip

I loved this! Such great musical numbers and editing to match, it leaned into the silliness without being cringe thanks to the great performances.


Fun take on the genre! Well done

Ta Da

Great story and voice acting here, and detailed animation to sell it. There was a whole world and backstory that felt fully fleshed out - awesome to do all that in 48 hours!