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by Fieemer Familia


Default Avatar LaChocolatier

This movie was so funny! I was had from the moment the guy stated he didn't want to get the pizza because he hurt his ankle last time he got it. The story just kept getting more and more hilarious from there. Well done! Had the place roaring.

A cute little flick - well done guys... The film really started when the young dude said "my ankle got hurt" ahhhh .... here we go haha. Loved how the poor young lady go dealt to all the way to getting pizza and ended up carrying them back home half clutching them sideways. The ending was good too - poor thing. Must have been shot on a few different cameras? (maybe cellphones?) as the aspect kept switching back and forth. This is what 48 hours is all about... just getting it done... telling good stories! Keep it up

Default Avatar MistaTeas

When getting pizza delivered proves problematic, a young woman goes to collect it and meets with series of accidents. Good effects, solid lead performance and some funny lines. The reveal at the end was nicely executed too. Tech let this down a bit with audio being an issue at times.

While there were some distractions with how it was edited and the sound being a bit all over the place, I have to say so far you guys are truly the closest I've seen to a splatstick film. Assuming this genre is suppose to carry similar elements to slapstick, ideally you would have a lot of goofs and gags creating more and more issues along the way and they'd be super obvious, you guys are the first team so far to really nail that, so well done!

Default Avatar 48filmmonkey

Funny, well acted, good production with the minor audio issues. The story was cute and compact and was very tight! Shame the competition in the heat was so high because this was a gem! Well done

Very watchable actors/characters. Cute concept with a good finish.

Absolutely hilarious stuff, and the idea on paper is a sure bet for the finalists, so all you need to work on is your picture, sound and editing, because your sense of humour and story are VERY solid. As for your title, "ouch" is great. Simple, indicative of the film's style, and immediately puts a smile on your face when you see "Splatstick" as the genre.

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