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Last Day for Stan

by Infinite Images 118 views


Fun light fare. The continuity errors with the check marks disappearing bugged me. Loved the alien gloves and the teleportation shot.

Very clever and some great acting from the lead....would have loved to see his alien hands make another appearance - they looked great. Few little continuity things going on - maybe some of the ordering was an after thought? Cute ending and good chemistry all around - audience loved it.

Default Avatar MistaTeas

Stan, an alien is facing his last day on earth and possible a horrible death from his superiors as he hasn't completed his assigned task. Great start with the alien hands, good humour and I liked the lack of dialogue for most of it. Slapstick in nature and an inventive take on the genre. Well done!

Nice little twisting of the genre, making it the last day for one character who is leaving, liked that. I also noticed the writing on your the leads hand can be seen in the bathroom before he goes to work. It's already been said but the check boxes changing throughout the film was pretty distracting, still a very good effort guys!

A really good performance from Stan, great opening, highlight was Stan's expression while hugging the girl from his office. This film is everything it needs to be aside from the continuity errors, but my advice for next year would be try tell a story with higher stakes- I know Stan is under threat of being executed by his galactic overlord, but it would have been nice is this tension was felt in the character's performance because he didn't seem to care too much. As for your title, "Last Day for Stan" is perfectly fine, nothing outstanding.

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